The iconic Ogden City sign. (Source: Tyler Brown)
The iconic Ogden City sign. (Source: Tyler Brown)

For many of us, graduation is just around the corner. Now that our degrees are almost in hand, we’re trying to figure out the next step in our lives. Where will we live, work and, for many of us, raise families? Increasingly, Ogden is the best place to do that.

And if you’re still working on that degree, Ogden is still a great place to live and continue earning an education.

1. Your money goes further

Ogden’s cost of living is 7.4 percent below the national average, according to Ogden’s young people are also the second most likely to make a livable wage and the ninth most likely in the nation to have a job. Unemployment in Ogden is at 3.8 percent, and Ogden has the most affordable housing market in the country, according to CNN Money.

Basically, Ogden is the best place to get the most bang out of your buck. You can work and live in Ogden without breaking the bank. It seems lots of people want to live and work somewhere beautiful while having enough extra money to do fun things. In Ogden, that dream is a reality.

2. The future of Ogden is bright

Ogden is one of Forbes’ fastest-growing cities in the country. It was recently ranked by Forbes as the third-best city in the country to raise a family and also placed at number 11 for career and business outlook.

Ogden is the place to be, and you should get in on the bottom floor. The future of this city and its residents is bright; whether you’re concerned about the future of your career or how family friendly the city is, Ogden’s got you taken care of.

3. Weber State University offers amazing educational opportunities

For those still working on their degrees or college graduates who are looking for a school to earn their graduate degrees, Weber State is the best place to be. Weber State recently received five commendations from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, which is basically a perfect score. Weber State offers this high-quality education at undergraduate and graduate tuition rates that are lower than most other four-year institutions in Utah.

If you’re working on your bachelor’s degree, stick with Weber State. And if you’re looking for a master’s degree program, consider remaining a Wildcat. A great education at affordable prices just can’t be beat.

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