(Ariana Berkemeier/ The Signpost)
The Bonneville Shoreline Trail has breathtaking scenic views. The trail is one of many scenic hiking routes in the Ogden area. (Ariana Berkemeier/ The Signpost)

For the locals of Ogden, there are endless ways to have fun all year long. But during summer is when some areas and nature trails are at the peak of their beauty. From Pleasant View to South Ogden, locals and tourists will make the area rich with outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family.

“You can have a different hike every day if you wanted,”  Marking Manager of Visit Ogden Syndie Furton said. “The trails are very accessible to horses, dogs, mountain bikes, Nordic skiing, hikers, etc.” Here are a few of the great destinations that provide adventure to nature seekers.

Waterfall Canyon

Want to see a 200 ft. waterfall at the end of a hike? Try this scenic and wondrous hike right here in Ogden. At the top of 29th street, you’ll see the most commonly used entry to the trail head. It’s a three mile trip both ways and has a great payoff. While the hike can be difficult towards the waterfall area, it’s a great place to walk the dog, ride a bike or just enjoy the surrounding nature. Another interesting aspect of this canyon can be seen during the wintertime. “The waterfall is frozen in winter,” Furton says. “You can snowshoe up the trail year round as well.”

Indian trail/Coldwater

This longer hike was once a path that the Shoshone Indians used to avoid the high waters in Ogden canyon. But this scenic hike is great for any hiker. Lush evergreens and stunning geology are present along this trail. “The difficulty definitely ranges throughout,” Furton continues. “But overall, it’s a moderate hike.” While it is more than 7 miles both ways, it will be a great, rewarding summer activity.

Trapper’s Loop

This area is a great spot for bikers and scenery seekers of all kinds. Whether in the fall with deep rich autumn colors or vivid shades of green in the summer, this 32 mile drive is a fantastic way to see what Ogden’s nature offers. Other points of interest on the drive include Mount Ogden, Strawberry Peak, the Needles rock formation and other great places.

“You can go up Snow Basin or the Old Snow Basin Road,” Furton said. “For the Old Basin Road, you can hike all the way up to Snow Basin, and there’s lots of trails that branch off from there. You can also start at the base of Snow Basin and hike up there as well. There’s a lot of trails available up in that area.”

Bonneville Shoreline trail

This long and scenic trail is great for going off into new places in Ogden. With several trail loops and single-track trails, hikers can customize their experiences of this area every time. Various starting points can be found on 22nd, 29th and 36th street. The difficulty varies on the different trails, but the possibilities are endless. From gorgeous sunsets, cross streams and wildflowers, this trail is great for families and adventure seekers. The trail extends along the Wasatch Front and can even be found in Salt Lake City.

Causey Reservoir

Off of Highway 39 in Ogden is a place that’s nestled in forests. Causey is a beautiful reservoir that Utahans love to visit for water sports, swimming, kayaking, fishing and other summer activities. “There’s a trail that starts on the east side,” Furton says. “You can go past the reservoir and wind back around through the woods.” This area, with some remote wilderness, is perfect for any person seeking a great weekend getaway or a new place to visit for summer fun.

There are several other trails, canyons and other scenic places awaiting visitors in Ogden. The chances of unforgettable summer fun is always right around the corner. “I think it’s very important to go outside and explore the area that you live in,” Furton says. “We live in such a beautiful location.”


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