(Photo by Richard Campos/ The Singpost)
Children find an outlet at Arts in the Park where they’re free to create a variety of crafts. (Photo by Richard Campos/ The Singpost)
Every summer, Arts in the Park holds fun summer activities for kids ages three to 12. They go around to different parks around Ogden, offering a free hour of fun for kids. Each day of the week has different activities for kids to participate in, from making musical instruments to storytelling.

The organization began in 2010 with a vision to help all kids explore their creativity and learn many skills through the activities. “It gets bigger every year,” Holly Jarvis, Outreach Manager of the Department of Art & Design, says. “Each day is a different theme. The kids love it, and the parents love it. We have surveys that the participants fill out daily, and we always get positive feedback from the community.”

The kids wander to each station, making their own instruments and go over to the strolling musicians, who play at the event. The kids try to follow the musicians and proudly show their parents the instruments they make. They also get to take each of their creations home with them.

“We get comments that this fills a need for arts in the community,” Jarvis continued. “The program got started because arts funding was diminishing in the schools, so kids don’t have access to many of these things. It’s a little summer camp that we bring to the parks and to the community. The kids especially love the music days. The drum circle on Tuesdays always gets a lot of excitement.”

Big groups of kids are seen running out with friends, and some sit on the grass with their new instruments. Lunch is provided by the Ogden School District as a part of the event as well. “I feel like it gets the kids active and outside and gets them interested in different kinds of arts,” Jarvis said.

Kids come with their parents or with day care centers. They come to be outside and to learn social, artistic and motor skills. The most popular instrument at the music events are the shakers. They are long tubes with beans inside of them. Kids use markers to decorate their shaker any way they like, and they can make as much music as they want. Many kids at the events come for the first time and really enjoy the activities.

Sisters Aubree and Isabelle Fenstermaker, ages six and seven, really enjoy the activities with the music stations. “I like that you can whistle in it,” Isabell said, referring to her pink and orange Pan pipes. “I like to make noise,” said younger sister Aubree, referring to her colorful shaker.

Arts in the Park will continue to inspire and unleash children throughout the summer until July 10. The different park locations will vary each week, but the events will always be fun and bursting with creativity. Don’t miss out on a fun and unforgettable summer with Arts in the Park. The following are locations for the parks during the summer:

– June 15-19: Monroe Park (850 30th Street)

– June 22-26: Jaycee Park (2465 Fillmore Avenue)

– June 29- July 3: Mt. Ogden Park (3144 Taylor Avenue)

NOTE: No event on Friday July 3 due to Federal Holiday

– July 6-10: West Ogden Park (751 West 24th Street)

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