An unemployed Russian man throwing objects out of an apartment window ate pieces of a broken tablet and died. (Public Domain PIctures / Public Domain)

From a woman arrested for selling kits to produce “magic cheese” to a man dying after trying to eat his own tablet, here are this week’s five crazy headlines.

74-year-old stands trial in “magic cheese” scam 

A woman is to be tried in France for selling “magic cheese” kits to Chileans through her company, Fermex Chile. Each kit ran for about $394, raking in over $15 million.

The seller convinced investors that each kit, consisting of filters and an almost worthless powder, could produce profitable cheese which could be sold to well-known cosmetics companies.

Buyers were whipped into such a frenzy that some even sold their houses to buy the kits or quit their jobs to focus primarily on producing the cheese.

Source: Business Insider

Mom accused of leaving kids in hot car goes to court, leaves kids in hot car 

A 25-year-old Virginia mother was accused of leaving her child in a hot car while she went shopping. Police did not witness the incident, but convinced the mother to turn herself in.

When she arrived at the courthouse, she left her 6 and 1-year-old children in the car again for longer than an hour. Recorded temperatures for that day hit over 90 degrees.

The mother was charged with child abuse, which led to the kids being placed in their father’s custody.

Source: Q13 Fox News

Man dismissed from jury duty for wearing prisoner costume 

James Lowe, a Vermont man, wore a prisoner’s jumpsuit and beanie to court on the day he was assigned jury duty. He showed up on time but was dismissed from duty by the judge.

The judge told Lowe he could have faced jail time or fines for his outfit, but Lowe argued that the juror instructions he received did not specify which type of clothing he was or was not allowed to wear.

Source: ABC News

Billionaire sends pet pig away for being too fat

American hedge fund manager and billionaire Steven Cohen sent his pet pig, Romeo, to an animal rescue center after it became too overweight—totaling almost 70 kilograms and approaching the size of a German shepherd. Romeo was sent away according to the advice of his veterinarian.

At home, Romeo was pampered and given his own room. It is reported that the family even threw a going-away dinner for the pig.

Source: 9News Australia

St. Petersburg man dies after trying to eat tablet computer

An unemployed Russian man was spotted throwing furniture and other items out of an apartment window this past week. Authorities were called, and a policeman showed up to confront him.

The policeman claims the man began to swallow the glass and plastic of a broken tablet computer. The man died before medics could arrive.

Source: Sputnik International

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