Hello from Italy! I am in Venice for Weber State’s Art Study Abroad. I’ve been planning and saving since November for this trip, and on May 10, my classmates and I left Salt Lake City Airport for this summer adventure.
We have arrived at the apartment house we’ll be staying in. Although the trip had its hiccups, it wouldn’t be an adventure if there weren’t some challenges, right?
When I got into the Paris airport, the first leg of my trip, it took me some time to find the gate, and then the gate number had been changed. By the time the flight was ready to board, I was a puddle of sweat. I was going to meet a friend in the Venice airport, but the time she was supposed to get in came and went, and I never saw her come out of the security area. We ran into each other, almost literally, elsewhere in the airport, and we made our way to the apartment house.
First, we had to get on a ferry boat called the “Alilaguna” to get from the airport to Venice, which is an island. There are other boats called “Vaporetto” that ferry people around the island. I’m including some pictures of how we got from the airport to the apartment house.
I am exhausted and feel like I could sleep for days!
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