From a burnt rubber fragrance to a suspected pigeon spy, here are this week’s five crazy headlines:

Sunoco launches gasoline scented fragrance called “Burnt Rubber”

The gas manufacturing company Sunoco is releasing a new scent which is made to smell like gasoline and rubber for all those racers out there. Burnt Rubbér, as the new fragrance is called, is intended to bring people, “the essence of racing.”

The scent is said to only hold subtle hints of the rubber scent, but the only way to find out is by trying it.

For those keen to experience this new rubbery perfume, they are currently not being commercially sold. The only way to get one now is by winning a sample on Sunoco’s social media page.

Source: Bustle

Poker player enters wrong event, wins bracelet

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. You might (unintentionally) hit the jackpot and be featured all over the news as is the case of Minnesota native Christian Pham.

Pham accidentally entered the World Series of Poker event, beating out well-known players and winning a gold bracelet.

Professional poker player Pham originally intended to play Texas Hold ’em and didn’t realize he was in the wrong game until he was dealt an unusual number of cards.

Along with the gold bracelet, Pham won a cash prize of $214,332.

Source: ESPN

Spelling counts: errors on signs cost county $4,000

A spelling error will prove costly for Philadelphia as 26 signs displayed a misspelling of the word “commissioner” by including only one “m.”

It is estimated that ten days and $4,000 will be required to fix the signs.

Each sign was six feet tall, displaying the names of the county’s three commissioners.

The mistake was originally reported by a county worker.

Source: ABC News

Man passed out next to TV had package of bacon in pocket

A Nebraska man found passed out in a residential neighborhood lying next to a television was arrested this past week for suspected burglary.

The 29-year-old man was found passed out next to a flat screen television with a packet of bacon in his pocket.

Not far from where the man was found, a woman reported being robbed of her television set and a pound of bacon.

Source: KETV

Pakistan pigeon arrested in India, suspected to be spy

A white pigeon with a Pakistani marking was found in India. Seeing the marking, officials suspected the pigeon to be a spy and accordingly sent officers with guns to guard the bird.

Although it does not yet appear that the bird was carrying a message, the police say they will continue their investigations.




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