The meat of a glowing lamb was unintentionally eaten. (Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain)

From plans for colorful burgers to eating glowing animals, here are this week’s five crazy headlines:

Burger King establishments in Japan are now serving “Aka Burgers,” which literally translates as “red burger.”

Customers have the choice of chicken or beef sandwiched between red buns and red cheese. These ingredients are died with tomato powder and come with a hot pepper sauce.

Before this, Burger King already launched a black burger, and has announced plans to create purple, green, and blue burgers.

Source: The Independent

As weird as it sounds, this story almost seems logical when the reasoning and methods are understood.

London’s Natural History Museum has had a long-term problem with moths attacking their exhibits, especially the furs of dead animals. The moths used to lay eggs in the artifacts and consume the furs.

A trap with the hormones of female moths attracts male moths. These male moths become doused in the pheromones, which attracts other males. Male moths mating with each other gets them nowhere, decreasing the number of eggs are laid every season.

Source: The Independent

An Indiana man was arrested for refusing to leave a bar upon the request of staff security. The man then licked a frog and danced in the parking lot.

When they asked for identification, he ignored them, and the bar’s security unit notified authorities.

Police arrived to confront the man, then quickly left, keeping an eye on the area. The same man later came back with another toad, resulting in his arrest on a trespassing charge.

Source: 95.3 MNC

Ruby the lamb was part of a research project at an agricultural center in France, where she was born genetically modified to have clear skin and to glow. Her DNA includes green fluorescent protein, extracted from jellyfish.

The lamb was sent to a slaughterhouse, then eaten by citizens. The research institute insists that eating meat from the glowing lamb is not hazardous to human health.

It is believed that members of the research lab sent Ruby away as a trick.

Source: The Verge

A storm-chasing photographer snapped a “Thriller” picture during a lightning storm last week in Virginia, where clouds in the sky appeared to be in the shape of singer Michael Jackson performing his signature moonwalk dance.

While it isn’t “Black or White” whether it’s just coincidence or the ghost of the king of pop returned for one last performance, the photographer says that he isn’t going to “Beat It” as he plans on going back out in the future to take more storm photos.

Source: Mirror

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