The 37th Lindquist Pops Concert will take place on July 12. (Tyler Brown / The Signpost)
The 37th Lindquist Pops Concert will take place on July 12. (Tyler Brown / The Signpost)

July is a month full of outdoor celebrations and festivals, but few northern Utah events have been running longer than the annual Lindquist Pops Concert.

The 37th annual Lindquist Pops Concert will take place on Sunday, July 12 at Weber State University.

The 2015 edition of the concert will be the first one since Telitha Lindquist, the namesake and initiator of the festival, died on June 7.

Lindquist was one of the most prominent and visible figures at WSU, and both the College of Arts and Humanities and the Alumni Center are named after her. However, outside of the WSU community, the Lindquist Pops Concert has remained one of the most important aspects of her legacy.

“This year, with the recent passing of Lindquist, the fireworks and concert will be especially significant as we remember and honor her many contributions to the Weber State campus community,” event coordinator Bev Rudd said in a press release. 

This year’s concert will feature a one-hour performance by the New American Philharmonic, a local orchestra.

The orchestra will play music known from movie soundtracks, various patriotic songs and Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.” The concert portion of the event will culminate in the firing-off of 17 cannons.

After the concert, one of the largest and most prominent firework displays in northern Utah is set to take place on campus.

“The concert and fireworks program are a reminder to all of us of the lasting goodness of America,” said Steve Park, philharmonic associate conductor. “Regardless of our religious or political beliefs, we can all come together for an evening to enjoy a celebration of this great and free country.”

Scott Bright and his family have not missed a single Lindquist Pops Concert in over 20 years. He mentioned that the fireworks were his favorite aspect and the main reason he came back every year. “Sitting on the grass with the family and watching them shoot off the fireworks is a great summer tradition for us,” Bright said.

WSU expects thousands of other spectators to join Bright in attending this year’s concert. As of Saturday morning, 550 people had accepted invitations to the Facebook event for the festivities.

While the actual concert is not set to begin until 9 p.m., booths offering drinks will open as early as 5:30. Due to the large crowd expected to attend, organizers have asked attendees to not reserve seating spots before 6 p.m.

Since parking spots on campus will be very limited, those driving to the concert are encouraged to park off-campus or arrive early through the access routes of Skyline Drive, Taylor Avenue or Birch Avenue. Entering campus from Harrison Boulevard will not be possible.

Campus buildings will be closed during the event. The Shepherd Union Building, Swenson Gym, Social Science Building and the Student Service Center will only be opened if weather conditions necessitate an emergency evacuation.

The concert is free of charge and open to the public.

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