(Tyler Hall / The Signpost)
(Tyler Hall / The Signpost)

21st to Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Trailhead: 21st Street and Harrison Boulevard.

Difficulty: Stroll in the park

Distance: 0.9 miles

Average Time: 22 minutes

Suggested water amount: 1 gallon

Precautions: Watch for vehicles and weather


21st Street is one of three surface roads in Ogden that connect to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It’s not as steep as some of the connecting roads to the south but has three hills that will provide you with a simple, moderate hike. When added to the last section of the Shoreline Trail, it will give you a 90-minute workout with an impressive view of the Ogden Canyon Waterfall.

Start at the intersection of 21st Street and Harrison Boulevard. It is important to remove your earbuds and pay attention to vehicles, especially when you reach the four-way stop at Fillmore Avenue. Put the phone away, stretch out your awareness and provide yourself the satisfaction that comes with outdoor recreation.

Once you cross Fillmore Ave., you are only two hills away from reaching the top, just past 1850 E. 21st St.  Leveling out at the top, you will see the red gate. To the right of the gate are where the trails start and can take you north to the waterfall or south to other trails.

Urban hikes are not just about getting to a trail, but also experiencing the community, seeing landscape architecture and maybe even a house for rent. Either way, it’s another way of getting out, seeing and meeting people and connecting to nature and the larger world. Grab that jug of water, lace up the shoes and start walking toward adventure.

With summer in Utah come warmer temperatures, so even if you are from here, you should already know to drink plenty of water and plan for a little extra just in case.  Surface temperatures of the road can add to the risk of heat stroke or other heat disorders, so plan your hike around the cooler parts of the day. Increase the difficulty safely with more water. Increase your sense of satisfaction at the end of the hike.

Pets are always welcome on the trail, but make sure you plan for them as well with water, bags and a leash because not all animals are friendly and our little friends deserve a wonderful, safe outdoor experience, just like us.

This has been The Dude on the urban trails. If you find me on campus or out in world, say hello and share a story or two with me.

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