The summer weather in Utah allows people to get out and do fun things throughout the season. Dates can be especially fun in the summer. Here are a few date ideas for the outdoors that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Romantic walks are a great way to connect with each other and with nature. After all, walking can get your heart pumping. Experts at Psychology Today believe that “couples who sweat together, stay together”.

River Walkway (Richard Campos / The Signpost)
The Ogden River Parkway, with winding pathways near the Ogden River and floral gardens, is a romantic summer spot. (Richard Campos / The Signpost)

An excellent place for a walk is the Ogden River Parkway, located near Harrison Boulevard and 12th Street in Ogden. In the heart of downtown, this 9.6-mile walk will take you through nature with a variety of venues on the way including gardens, eateries and parks.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can enjoy the full length of the trail with the river parkway walk starting at the mouth of the canyon with the unique gift shop Rainbow Gardens and ending at Fort Buenaventura near 24th street.

For those just looking for a relaxing stroll, there are plenty of benches and spots along the river to stop and enjoy the scene, throw in a fishing line or even have a picnic.

Picnics are another outdoor activity that provide an intimate and less expensive dating experience.  There is no healthier or cheaper way to get food for your picnic than growing your own.

Oasis Community Garden (Richard Campos / The Signpost)
The Oasis Community Garden is a perfect place to bring a down-to-earth date. (Richard Campos / The Signpost)

The Oasis Community Garden is a 1.7 acre garden in the center of Ogden where people in the community can rent garden plots to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables.

Besides the healthy and tasty food, the Oasis Community Garden is also a go-to spot for dating, due to upcoming activities like yoga in the garden, green smoothies with Jill and date night.

Going to yard and garage sales is one way to beat the summer heat. As a date, rummaging through people’s stuff might sound a little weird. However, if you get up early, grab a coffee with your sweetie and head out by nine a.m., you are sure to find the good stuff before it’s all gone and have a few laughs and memories along the way.

One final summer date idea: wine tasting. Some wineries offer free tastings and those that charge are usually around $10, making this a delicious and inexpensive outing—ideally. The Hive Winery, located in Layton, is a great place to start your luscious adventure.

Mix things up on your next date night, and try going for a walk, indulging in a wine tasting or even treasure hunting at a yard sale. With the warm weather and beautiful scenery, you are sure to have a fantastic dating experience.

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