Graphic by Kelsi Mooney
Graphic by Kelsi Mooney

Time rolls on, and the classics we love continue to age. But for the fans of these four films, they are timeless in many ways. Whether we saw them in the theaters or showed them to our kids, these stories and characters refuse to age. Here are four iconic films from one of the best film periods in history:

1. ‘Back to the Future’ (July 3, 1985):

Time travel, high school and a DeLorean are the main components of this Robert Zemeckis classic. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels back to 1955 to help change his parents’ lives. The amazing Christopher Lloyd plays Dr. Emmett Brown, who creates the time machine. What makes this movie stand the test of time? It’s a great high school movie with topics like fitting in that every kid can understand. There’s also the enigmatic concept of time travel, which continues to draw audiences today.

2. ‘Clue'(December 13, 1985):

A popular board game brought to life? Absolutely. Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Eileen Brennan and Michael McKean star in this hilarious adaptation of the classic Parker Brothers board game. Someone is murdered during a party at the Gothic Revival mansion, and it’s up to the surviving party members to not only find the killer but also survive the night. With many alternate endings and a fantastic ensemble cast, “Clue” never gets boring. It’s classic dry humor at its finest.

3. ‘Legend’ (December 1985):

Romance, fantasy, goblins and the sexiest devil in cinema history. Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry star in Ridley Scott’s dark fairy tale film. Jack (Cruise) loves Princess Lili (Sara), and he shows her unicorns. As long as they are on Earth, evil cannot prevail. But after an innocent mistake, the world becomes an icy winter. The two lovers become involved in a battle against Darkness, which is Curry’s sexiest role to date. With many versions of the film available on DVD, the Director’s Cut is the best.

4. ‘The Goonies’ (June 7, 1985):

Richard Donner’s film stars a young Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and many others. Filmed in Astoria, Oregon, a group of kids find a 17th century treasure map in Mikey’s (Astin) attic. They set off on a fun, action-packed adventure to find the treasure of One Eyed Willie. The look of the film still holds up thirty years later. It’s a good adventure and coming-of-age story for both kids and adults to enjoy.

While we get older, these films will never age. In our hearts, they are our childhood and the source for countless memories. While these films are now thirty years old, we can call them “thirty years strong.”

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