(Scott Stevens / The Signpost)
The Ogden Amphitheater offers free musical performances on Wednesdays. (Scott Stevens / The Signpost)

Summertime is a great time for many outdoor events, especially those that are free to the public. The Ogden Amphitheater recently began their Free Summer Concerts every Wednesday evening. From June 10 until August 12, the community can come enjoy local bands and a great family atmosphere from 7-10 pm. There will be many groups performing, including local bands. Picnics and lawn chairs are encouraged.

When attending the Summer Concerts, people sit on the grass and get out their lawn chairs. Kids run around the stone steps and the grass. People dance in groups, drinks in hand, while enjoying the music. Small food vendors can be found at both entrances. The music is loud and fills the hot summer air with different styles of music.

“It’s a great way for the community to get together, for families to get together and visit,” Cindy Hayes, an audience member says. “I love live music. They’re relaxed and have fun with their audience.” From jazz, funk and different variations of pop music, the Summer Concerts always offer a variety of music for the varied music lovers.

(Scott Stevens / The Signpost)
A crowd picnics while they listen to free concerts at Ogden Amphitheater on Wednesday, July 1. (Scott Stevens / The Signpost)

“I think supporting your local bands is one of the biggest things,” Amy Novak, an audience member, said. “There’s a good energy with live music. It’s comfortable and relaxing. It’s a place where people from different backgrounds can come together.”

Many of the bands aren’t just from Ogden. Some are from the Salt Lake City area and many other areas around Utah. Many of the performers have 20 years’ experience or more and have performed around the country. Some have performed in Utah venues, coffee shops in Pennsylvania and even small venues as far as Hong Kong.

“It’s great for the local businesses that stay open later,” Patrick Winesett, an audience member, said. “They help bring the community together on a weekday to have fun.” The ideally located amphitheater and many surrounding restaurants make the Summer Concerts great for both local and visitors alike.

With live, local bands as a summer activity, there’s plenty to go around. From rap, funk, pop and jazz, there’s something for everyone. “It’s great to see these concerts bring people together,” Winesett concluded.

With warm weather and a great location, the Summer Concerts bring fun and sweet music throughout the summer.  Family and friends can visit, kids can play at the nearby playground and concessions are available at the venue. There’s nothing like live music to make summer even sweeter.

The rest of the Summer Concert lineup will bring a good energy to the Ogden Ampitheater. The rest of the shows listed below will be a fun summer activity for all to enjoy.

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