From emailing love letters to trees to drinking Tabasco after committing a crime, here are this week’s five crazy headlines:

  • People write thousands of love letters to their favorite trees

Since 2013, some Australian trees have had their own email addresses and corresponding numbers. These were set up by officials so that citizens could alert the local authorities about dangerous branches or trees that were in the way.

People have definitely been writing to those email addresses—but not quite the way it was intended. The trees have received love letters from citizens, questions about politics and even a supposed letter from a tree in the United States.

Although this was not the expected result, giving people a way to write to trees has increased community involvement. The article mentions that it also helps them to think of trees as acquaintances, rather than objects.

Source: The Atlantic

  • Skinny jeans hospitalize ‘fashion victim’ for four days

Yet another story to happen in Australia, a woman spent a day helping her family move to a new home while wearing skinny jeans. Later that evening, she collapsed while walking through a park.

She was hospitalized for three days. Medics said that squatting and cleaning all day had prevented sufficient circulation to her calves, causing them to swell and the nerves to compress, which resulted in severe weakness.

Source: NBC News

  • Man arrested after charging iPhone on London Overground train

A 45-year-old man was brought to the British Transport Police Station after he ‘abstracted electricity’ from a train by charging his phone. He protested, calling the police overzealous and was then arrested on the second charge of supposedly becoming aggressive.

The outlets on the train are marked with the words “cleaners use only and not for public use,” but the man was let free from the offense.

Source: The Guardian

  • The West is so dry, even a rain forest is on fire

Olympic National Park in Washington state typically receives about 150 inches of rain every year. However, this year, the rainforest is so dry that it has started burning.

The forest floor and debris have turned into kindling and flammable lichen cover the trees, helping fires spread easily.

Although this is not the first fire that has caught in Olympic National Park, it is the biggest. This fire has lasted three months and consumed almost 1,600 acres of brush.

Source: The Washington Post

  • Berlin man steals bike, breaks into restaurant to drink half a bottle of Tabasco sauce

A German man reportedly stole a bike, threw it through the window of a restaurant and then stopped to drink a bottle of Tabasco sauce. He told the police it was to quench his thirst.

Local police think that he may have mistaken the bottle for a type of liquor popular amongst Germans that also has a red bottle.

Neighbors called authorities when the heard the crash of the breaking window. The man was arrested in the restaurant.

Source: The Daily Meal

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