Graphic By Kelsi Mooney
Graphic By Kelsi Mooney/The Signpost

Hollywood is starting to get to the point where they’re overstepping their boundaries. Within the last few years, about half the films that are released are adaptations, remakes or reboots. It seems like the only original movies these days come from either foreign films or independent films that fly below the radar.

We as a Hollywood audience are starving. Most directors are starving as well. Hollywood is currently starving both its fans and filmmakers of original works. Recently, several remakes have been announced, and it shows that the long streak of starvation might continue. Some examples of the announced remakes are: “The Crow,” “Stephen King’s IT,” “Overboard,” “Jumanji”and “The Never Ending Story.” To put it simply, I’m enraged.

But there have been some shining beacons of originality in the last twenty years. Here are five original films that will intrigue any film buffs that are starving for great, unique filmmaking.

5. “Inception” (2010):

A dream within a dream within a dream? Might sound confusing at first. But director Christopher Nolan knows what he’s talking about. Written, produced and directed by Nolan, it’s about a team of “extractors.” Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) decides to take one last job before going back to his family. With mind bending special effects, authentic dream sequences and an open ending, people will be talking about this film for decades. This is definitely a must see movie.

4. “Wall-E” (2008):

An Earth covered by trash and empty of any human civilization is the basis of this timeless Pixar film. Wall-E, a trash compacting robot, is alone as he works to clean up the trash left by humans. But when he sees a tiny green plant, he meets the sleek robot EVE. A funny, touching and fun adventure soon follows for the little robot. Adults and kids alike will love this adorable Pixar film that still makes me teary eyed to this day.

3. “The Sixth Sense” (1999):

Who wasn’t freaked out by this directorial debut from M. Night Shyamalan? Bruce Willis is a psychiatrist assigned to help Cole (Haley Joel Osment) cope with his ability see dead people. The creepy atmosphere, dialogue and occasional scares really work and keep watchers guessing. Even the ending still surprises viewers to this day, which demonstrates its excellence.

2. “Edward Scissorhands” (1990):

When Tim Burton was living in Burbank, California, he felt alone and isolated in his community. So he decided to make a film to express that loneliness. The film is about Edward, a man who is an unfinished creation who lives alone. But an Avon saleswoman finds him and takes him to live with her family. The message of acceptance and unconditional love makes this film a joy to watch.

1.Pan’s Labyrinth” (2006):

Who doesn’t love a great fantasy? How about a dark, beautiful, Spanish fantasy? Written and directed by the brilliant Guillermo Del Toro, the film is about Ofelia and her quest to get back to her real family. Guided by a mysterious faun, she has to complete three dangerous tasks within three days. Full of stunning creatures, scares and great acting, this is one timeless, original film. Del Toro is a master of giving his audiences what they want.

While there’s many more brilliant, original films out there, these films will slake any film lover’s appetite for great movies. The drought for originality may be strong with all the remakes and reboots, but the people won’t allow it forever. One day, a renaissance will come, and audiences will gladly feast on unique films that truly capture the imagination.

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