cash_knightHello, fellow Wildcats, and welcome to Weber State University!

My name is Cash Knight, and I have the privilege of serving as your student body president for the 2015-16 school year.

First, let me say welcome to the family. You may not realize this yet, but you have just entered into one of the most remarkable times of your life, and you have done so in one of the most special institutions that exist. As you begin your journey here, take advantage of the many opportunities you have at your disposal. No matter where you have come from, at Weber State University, you have the opportunity to improve yourself and become the person you don’t yet know you are capable of being.

I began at Weber State in 2010 as an offensive lineman for the football team. In 2013, I received a hip injury that ended my football career. This created a void in my life, and I spent that summer trying to figure out what my next step was. I was given the opportunity to run for athletics senator, and I won. This began my career in student government. By the end of the year, I knew that I had stumbled onto something special and couldn’t help feeling like there was more I could do. I ran for student body president, and here we are today.

In these first few weeks, I encourage you to find something you are passionate about and pursue it. There are numerous clubs and groups offered that will help shape your future as well as provide you with support and relationships as you forge ahead. Being an active member of these groups will dramatically improve your college experience and help you realize just how lucky you are to be here.

Weber State is truly committed to helping you reach your full potential. Tutoring, counseling, and guided meditations are just a few of the services that you should take advantage of as you get your education. School is going to be hard. Life is going to be harder. Let our dedicated and passionate faculty help you with all of the above. Always remember, what you put into Weber State is what you will get out of Weber State.

In this upcoming year, I intend to improve on what is already here. We have some amazing opportunities, and I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I just want to make it even better.

Above all, know that you can come and talk to me and bring any issue you may have to me. The most important promise I can make is that I will be accessible to you as students and will do my utmost to help you resolve any issues or implement any ideas that you would like to see.

Welcome to the family Wildcats—Go Weber!

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