Some might prefer to drive from place to place in their own vehicles, but for college students struggling to keep up with the costs of food, housing and school, public transit can be a huge help. Here are a few bus routes that stop on or near Weber State University that student should be aware of.

Route 455: U of U/Davis County/Weber State University

One of the longer bus routes in service, the 455 bus runs from Ogden all the way down to the University of Utah.

This is the bus that you’ll want to take if you want to go down to Salt Lake City or anywhere between there and Ogden. Be prepared for a long trip though, as it takes two hours for the bus to travel its entire route.

Use this bus primarily if you want to stop somewhere between Ogden and Salt Lake City. Otherwise, you are better off taking the FrontRunner train.

Route 603: Weber State University/McKay-Dee

The 603 bus is probably the most useful route that makes stops through campus.

If you want to go check out the stores and restaurants on 25th Street, catch a movie at The Junction or a baseball game at Lindquist Field, the 603 bus is your best choice.

Not only will it take you into downtown Ogden, you can also use it as a quick way to get from the dorms to class. If you are living in Wildcat Village, walk down to the bus stop on Harrison Boulevard and take the 603 to either the Social Science building or Lind Lecture Hall.

Route 640: Layton Hills Mall/WSU Ogden Campus

If you plan on taking classes at both Weber State’s main campus as well as its Davis campus, this bus route will be your best friend.

It takes roughly an hour for the bus to travel from the main campus to the Davis campus, but this is the best way for students to commute via public transit between the two campuses.

Along with using this route to get to Davis campus, students can also take the 640 to Newgate Mall and Layton Hills Mall.

Route 645: Monroe Boulevard

Like the 603 bus, the 645 is another “short cut” bus that students can use to get from the dorms to campus.

The 645 bus makes regular stops along the road just west of University Village and just recently began making stops at the shuttle bus stop at the Dee Events Center parking lot. Catch this bus if you need to get to the north side of campus.

Route 650: Ogden FrontRunner/WSU Fast Bus

Although it only makes six runs each weekday, the 650 bus will get you to the Ogden Intermodal Center faster than any other bus route.

After making its stops on campus, the 650 runs non-stop to the Ogden Intermodal Center—completing its entire route in 14 minutes.

If you miss an earlier bus while trying to reach the FrontRunner, the 650 will get you to the station in time to catch the train.

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