Many students slog through General Education requrements, but they can be the best classes you take in college. (Scott Stevens / The Signpost)
Many students slog through General Education requrements, but they can be the best classes you take in college. (Scott Stevens / The Signpost)

If you are a new student at Weber State University, there is a good chance that the list of potential general education classes to choose from is confusing and perhaps even overwhelming to you.

While the main goal of general education classes is to build a broad and solid foundation to the overall knowledge of college students, having fun and learning interesting things is definitely allowed.

Small Group and Interpersonal Communication

Required—or at least recommended—for most majors, Small Group and Interpersonal Communication (COMM 2110) has established itself as a common favorite.

Students enrolled in COMM 2110 learn about basic communication theories that are applicable to families, friendships and the workplace. Kaylee Cozzens, a social work major at Weber State, took COMM 2110 in her first year of college.

I liked how it helped you to learn to work in groups,” she said. “The memories I created and the things I got to participate in were something I will remember forever,”

Cozzens added that she particularly enjoyed that COMM 2110 includes a community service project as a requirement to pass the class.

WSU traditionally offers 20 to 25 sections of the class in both fall and spring, so finding time to take COMM 2110 shouldn’t be a challenge.

Science of Human Nutrition

If you’re looking for a life science class, Science of Human Nutrition (NUTR 1020) also enjoys popularity among a wide range of students.

“It’s probably the most valuable course I have taken so far,” Electronic Engineering major Toben Gray said. “It’s not an easy class but good information.”

In NUTR 1020, students learn about different nutrients, the digestion process and safe food handling. In a multi-day project, they also learn how to assess their own dietary habits.

WSU usually offers around 15 sections of the class each semester, with lectures held at four different campuses and online.


For those who want to explore their own ways of thinking and their approach to ethics and logic, a philosophy class may be a good choice. Three different philosophy courses available at Weber State help students fulfill their humanities requirements.

Advertising major Tyler Hoffman said that he learned a lot in PHIL 1120, a class mainly concerned with current topics of ethics.

Two things I enjoyed about my Philosophy 1120 class was the open classroom discussion of the material and the ethics bowl for our final project,” he said. Overall, it was a great class with a lot of class participation and engagement.”

If you still don’t know which general education classes will help you best explore your abilities, an appointment with an advisor at the Student Success Center may help you.

Many majors require students to take certain program prerequisites from among the general education class list. Taking these classes as part of your generals can save you both time and money, so make sure to meet with a SSC advisor at least once during your time at Weber State.



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