The foam was kicking at the Foam Bash on Friday; reaching over six feet, covering Weber State students faces. (The Signpost / Cydnee Green)
The foam was kicking at the Foam Bash on Friday; reaching over six feet, covering Weber State students faces. (The Signpost / Cydnee Green)

The first week of school ended with a party as the annual Foam Bash drew around 2,200 students to Wildcat Village.

This year the DJ stage was moved closer to the dormitory to allow for more and better dancing space, Kyle Froerer, WSUSA’s vice president of activities, said.

Foam Bash originated just over five years ago when a group of students decided to host their own party at the beginning of the school year. Since then, Weber State has adopted it as an official event, with WSUSA having oversight of the events preparation.

What exactly goes into putting an event like this?

“Contacting the DJ, lighting, dance crew, police, permits, scheduling, cleaning up for hours after the dance from flip flops to glow sticks, standing and making popcorn for people, getting all of the event games, contacting all the students who are involved in activities, all the meetings and preparation and late night setup,”  said Greg Woodfield, vice president of clubs and organizations, said.

Kirt Cordon, owner of Maverrikk Productions, arrived around three hours before the event with 19 employees ready to stage the open area of Wildcat Village.

“It takes us about three hours to set everything up,” he said. “We focus on providing the party.”

While Cordon and his crew worked on the stage, DJs Justin and Joey DF from 4FX set the speakers and adjusted the sound.

“Typically we try to play a good variety of like hip-hop, top 40, BDM,” Justin said. “Every crowd is different and we just have to throw it out and feel the crowd.”

By 9:30 p.m. the dance area was packed and the foam pit filled. People were getting tattoos, checking out the oxygen bar and being tossed off the mechanical bull. WSUSA had tables set up with cotton candy, cookies, popcorn and water for refreshments. Near the mechanical bull, a photo booth was available for students.

Student Megan Rindlisbacher, who noted this was her fourth Foam Bash, said “This one was by far the best.”

Foam Bash is only one of a variety of activities available throughout the year.

If students could attend only three or four activities in a year, Froerer advised: “Start off the year with Foam Bash, get there, throw down like a boss. After that, get to Homecoming… It’s tradition. After that, we have Crystal Crest. It is a big crowning event where students are recognized in different areas of student life. However, my favorite event is the Neon Party.”

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