Weber State to host 17th Annual Diversity Conference

This Thursday and Friday Weber State University’s 17th Annual Diversity Conference will be taking place at both the Ogden campus and the Davis campus.

This year’s theme is “So You Think You’re Blind to Color.” The first day of the conference will kick off at the Davis campus, in the ballroom in Building 3, where the focus will be on examining oppression.

Good Company Theater will be performing David Mamet’s play, “Race”, followed by a panel discussion and remarks from keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

The second day of the event will take place at the Shepherd Union building. There will be three sessions of discussions followed by the keynote speaker.

Dr. Dyson is currently a sociology professor at Georgetown University where, in 2011, he gained nationwide attention for a class he taught called Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z.

Shortly after the keynote speaker, the diversity conference will close with a luncheon and round-table discussion. An RSVP is required for this portion of the event but the entire event is free and open to the public.

For more information and to RSVP go to

Discussion on millennials and politics to be held in Student Union Ballrooms

Thursday afternoon, the Walker Institute will host a forum discussion called “Millennials and a New Politics: Beyond Partisanship” beginning at 12 p.m. in the Student Union Ballrooms.

The event will consist of a presentation on “Millennials and Boomers” from the Utah Foundation, followed by a panel discussion hosted by Whitney Evans of KUER Radio.

The panel will include Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla, Clinton City Councilor Karen Peterson, CBRE Group Senior Analyst Darin Mellot and former WSU Student Body President Andrew Gardiner.

WSU Physics Department holding open house on Friday night

The Weber State Physics Department will hold its ninth annual Physics Open House on Friday night at the Lind Lecture Hall from 6-9 p.m.

The open house will consist of events and demonstrations taking place both inside and outside the building. From 6 p.m. until it gets dark, demonstrations will be held outside with rockets, water balloon catapults and robots and drones.

Inside the Lind Lecture Hall, numerous events will run throughout the night covering topics like magnets, lasers, the physics of air, 3-D physics and time travel.

The open house is free to the public, but organizers are encouraging visitors to bring canned foods for a food drive that will benefit the Utah Food Bank.

How to appeal a parking ticket

Imagine you exit the campus shuttle, peer out over the sea of vehicles and spot your car. As you approach your intended destination, you realize there is a dreaded green envelope under your windshield wiper. Your question to the universe is what do I do now?

According to the receipt acting as a ticket, you have ten days to appeal the infarction. Weber State Parking Services can be accessed at “Anyone who receives a parking ticket has the right to appeal, as long as the process is started within ten days of issuance,” Parking Services manager Crystal Taylor said. To begin the appeal process, one must use the parking services website. The form is going to instruct you to enter the ticket number and the vehicle license plate number. A brief narrative about why you feel the ticket was unjustly issued is required. “I have appealed a ticket before and they only took two dollars off,” said Brittany Andreasen. “I tried to appeal a parking ticket and I waited too long and ended up paying a late fee,” said Lavinia Malekamu.

Now you are left with the decision to appeal or just pay the ticket. “If it helps you make a decision, all tickets are reviewed by an off campus hearings officer,” Taylor said. She also gave a positive spin on appealing a ticket by saying while your ticket is in the appeals process there will be no late fees assessed until after you have received am email from parking services. If you have questions or want to pay a parking ticket, contact WSU parking services at (801)-626-6636 or visit parking services on the northwest corner of campus.

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