In Ogden, Utah, on Oct. 9 and 10, Weber State University will be hosting the fourth annual Ogden Yoga Festival.

The event will be taking place at the Swenson complex, first on Friday from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and again on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This allows flexibility, so there is no need for people to contort their schedules if they wish to attend.

The cost to attend the Ogden Yoga Festival on Friday will be 20 dollars and Saturday will be 35 dollars. For those wanting to attend both days, the cost will be 45 dollars. Tickets can be bought at the door.

Kelly M. Boyce, who is the coordinator of marketing & operations at Weber State University, said, “This is one of the most affordable yoga festivals in the area by far. It is common [for these] to cost over a $100 a pass.”

The Ogden Festival will be donating all proceeds earned to the YCC family crisis center of Ogden, an organization that helps people who have been victims of domestic violence. Donations while at the festival will also be accepted but are not required.

There will be 30 classes between the two days with over 30 instructors, some of whom are traveling several hours to donate their time to this cause. The class starting times and lengths will vary depending on the course. The longest running class will be an hour and a half and the shortest just 30 minutes.

Friday will feature 15 different classes, and Saturday will have 30 classes being held. The classes offered will also have varying levels of intensity as a way to accommodate both beginners and those already familiar with yoga.

Participants in a yoga class during the Ogden Yoga Fest in 2013. (Photos provided by Ogden Yoga Fest)

Concerning the options for classes, Boyce explained that in addition to yoga, there will also be other types of workshops offered.

“It is not all just yoga classes—sometimes they are going to do a little bit of stress management,” Boyce said.

Their various classes will include, but are not limited to, meditation and glowga—a glow in the dark yoga class—as well as Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian form of martial art that combines dance, music and acrobatics.

Yoga, like many other forms of exercise, offers health benefits, and Boyce shared how yoga helps him: “I try to do it once or twice per week. I have lower back issues and this saves me from having to go to the chiropractor.”

The Yoga Festival is open to everyone that would like to attend, not just students and Weber State faculty members.

There were over 200 participants that attended last year’s Yoga Festival, and there are expectations of more for this year.

Emily Furner summarized the event, saying this is an “event to celebrate all that yoga does for people.”

Ashlee Breanne Jones, a participant in last year’s Yoga Festival, said, “I loved every second of last year’s festival. Everyone was incredibly kind, and I learned a lot. The positive atmosphere of the whole event was great.”

Jones said that she is planning on going to both days of this year’s Yoga Festival. “I’m looking forward to being pushed physically and mentally so that I can grow my yoga practice further,” she said.

More information about Ogden’s yoga community can be found on their website.

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