Larry Baird talks to people on the Story Tours.

Ogden’s Historic 25th Street is known for it’s rich history. It was a notorious place for gangsters, cowboys and the elite to congregate. But what about the spirits left behind? You may have heard tales or encountered one of the many ghosts that frequent the federal building, Ben Lomond Hotel or local shops. But if you haven’t, a story tour is a sure way to do so.

“We are the original ghost tour here in Utah. We like to say we are the ones that started it all,” said Kristen Clay, the owner and director of Story Tours. Story Tours take place in both Ogden and Salt Lake City. These tours have been taking place for 13 years in Ogden and 14 years in Salt Lake City.

The Ogden Story Tour will take you up and down 25th Street and a few other locations. A professional storyteller shares the stories of historic and modern ghosts that haunt Ogden City.
“My favorite thing about storytelling is to watch my audience make connections and to watch them walk away telling their own stories, “said Kristen Clay. “The biggest misconception is that storytelling is just for children—it’s for everybody. Storytelling is the original form of communication.”

“Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you can still see a part of history that is documented and that is tangible, and the tunnels are there. And whether you believe in ghosts or not, that’s a whole different ball game,” said Larry Baird.

Larry Baird is the owner of Making Sense Emporium, which is located on the corner of 25th Street and Grant Avenue. He is one of the few businesses that invite the Story Tour and other people into the basement. Baird was not always convinced that there was supernatural activity going on his basement. However, after several encounters, he says he had an awaking in his soul, so now he can feel them.

“I can usually sense if it’s a man or a woman or an adult or a child,” he said.

Janny Stephens, who is from Logan and recently went on the Story Tour, said, “ I liked the supernatural stories that they told. If Scooby Doo can handle it, you can handle it too.”

“I don’t think a lot of people know that Ogden is as haunted as it is. Our tour guide Kristen was very amiable and friendly and knew the stories really well. It was entertaining, especially during the Halloween season, ” said Sarah King, who ventured from Logan for the story tour as well.

Tours run every Friday and Saturday night during October from 7-9 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for students and seniors and $15 for children and groups. To make reservations, call (801)888-8553, or visit for more information.


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