Decorated bras on display during last year’s Breast Cancer Awareness activities at Weber State University. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
Decorated bras on display during last year’s Breast Cancer Awareness activities at Weber State University. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

Although October is mainly associated with the color orange, pink would be the next most recognizable.

October hosts a number of events, but one in particular is Breast Cancer Awareness. Weber State University holds a number of events throughout the month supporting the fight on breast cancer.

Through all the chaos of students coming and going from their classes in the Shepherd Union Building, there is a table set up to raise money supporting patients of breast cancer.

“We reached out to [Debra Lynn’s Post Mastectomy Specialties] because we wanted to make sure we were focused on local causes,” Paige Davies, advocate and program specialist for the WSU Women’s Center, said.

Strategic Initiative Coordinator of the Women’s Center Lara Vo set out to look for a local business to help support those patients in need in the Ogden area. When they approached Debra Lynn Carter about the idea of fundraising at Weber State, she was happy to partner with the university.

Carter’s shop specializes in different breast forms for patients who have gone through a mastectomy. Many of the patients that come to Carter’s shop are unable to afford brand-new bras that are needed for these breast forms because they are tailored a specific way. The fundraising will help to cover the costs of buying new bras for low-income women in the area.

“For most women who have mastectomies, their insurance, if it covers a bra, will only cover one bra, which is [not enough],” said Women’s Center Operations Coordinator Katie Byrd.

Yasmen Simonian, dean and presidential distinguished professor of Weber State’s Dumke College of Health Professions, is very passionate about breast cancer awareness month. Along with earning her master’s degree in hematology and working in hematology oncology, Simonian is also a breast cancer survivor.

“It involves everyone,” Simonian said about dealing with cancer.

Simonian’s cancer was caught early, and she says that dealing with cancer takes a toll on everyone involved. She wants people to know that being aware of your own health is very important. Understanding what is normal for your own body is a vital part of catching something that might be life threatening.

“You need to [not be] selfish and get checked out,” Simonian said.

Recently, the American Cancer Association announced new changes to its recommendations on when to get a mammogram. According to the new recommendations, women should begin to get mammograms between the ages of 40 and 45, but Simonian still believes that 40 is the key age.

Weber State continues with breast cancer awareness month in this final week of October. On Thursday, there will be a workshop about the types of chemicals found in makeup that could possibly lead to cancer. This workshop will include a demonstration on how to make chemical free makeup at home.

There is still time to donate to Carter’s shop, as well. Vo will be in the atrium collecting donations this week or students can donate online at

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