The trio known as Wild Sun is a new alternative rock group from Rhode Island who have recently come on to the music scene. Their debut album “Little Truths” was released in September and is a great album for listeners who enjoy simple but raw alternative music.

According to their website, Wild Sun stands apart from other groups “with their honest brand of energetic rock and roll.” The group has only been together for two years and have had success in concerts and in gaining airtime with radio stations, according to their site.

The group’s record company American Laundromat Records states on their site that the group brings back a style of music that has been swept under the rug. “There was a time when music was build on great songs and undeniable passion.”

“Those times are back, and Rhode Island’s Wild Sun are already at the party—cases cracked,” American Laundromat Records continues.

With all of the hype about this album and the strong descriptions of the album, it makes listeners think there is a lot to look forward to in this debut album.

When I read that a group is unique with an “honest brand of energetic rock and roll,” I expect the album to make me want to get up, dance around and rock out.

This album left me wanting more. There are very few places in the album that can be described as “energetic rock and roll.” Most of the songs have a slow pace. There aren’t any places where I felt the band cut loose and had fun with it.

The track “Windowless Room” is the only song on the album that starts out with a fast pace and a rock and roll crunch at the beginning. This song emulates what the record company and the band’s site describe.

Towards the end of the album, there is another song that picks up the pace a little called “Fishbowl Town.” However, even this song isn’t the kind of energy that was expected.

This group isn’t bad, but they may want to rethink how they describe themselves on their sites. After listening to “Little Truths” listeners will think that the group is more of a soft alternative group, rather than one that plays “energetic rock and roll.”

The sound the group is going for may come across better in a live setting where listeners can see them and really feel the music they are playing. Along with their descriptions, their site states, “When [the singer] sings, he feels it.” Some of that feeling and emotion gets lost in the album.

The thing that was the most enjoyable about this album was the well-constructed and well-played guitar solos by guitarist/singer Glenn Kendzia. This is where some of the rock and roll feel comes into play. Listeners can easily tell that Kendzia has talent and feels the music he plays.

This is a two-star album. As mentioned, it didn’t meet the expectations I had. If listeners read about the group beforehand, they won’t see the connection between the music and their description. This is a group that focuses on slow, calculated rhythms rather than fast-paced rock and roll.

Other groups to look for if you enjoy Wild Sun are MJ Hibbett, Crazyhead and Gracie Petrie.

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