Weber State’s Shepherd Union Lair was turned into a consignment on Wednesday. All the proceeds from the shop will go to this year’s Sub-for-Santa. The Women’s Center is just one of Weber’s many organizations that participates each year.

Lauren Homer, a student leader for the Women’s Center, can’t remember when their organization started participating in Sub-for-Santa but knows that it’s been at least twenty years since they’ve helped with the program.

Sub-for-Santa is a program designed to help single parent and low income families, who are students at Weber State. There are applications that go out each year around the holidays for those students to fill out.

“You fill out an application where you specify what kind of toys your kids want,” Homer said.

This is the first year that the Women’s Center has opened its consignment shop in order to help raise money for Sub-for-Santa. Sumyya Khan, an intern at the Women’s Center and also a Weber State student, is also participating in this project for the first year.

“Last year [the Women’s Center] had 48 families who submitted a form and we were able to serve 42 of those families,” Khan said.

Homer was able to look through some of the wish lists of last year’s applicants and noticed that people requested many things from toys for their kids to gas money. The only thing that cannot be requested in donations is electronics but the rest is up to the desecration of the donors.

“Many of the donors are from Weber State and the local community,” Khan said.

Donors will be able to look over the wish lists and determine what they can buy for the family they are sponsoring. As of right now, according to Homer, there are ten families set up to receive donations from the program.

Many of the clothes that will be offered at the consignment shop are were collected during the clothes drive the Women’s Center hosted. They were able to collect gently used items for men, women and children.

Destiny Jensen, a student leader for the Women’s Center, needed a project for school to work on and the consignment shop was her choice. She spent time researching prices of items at other consignment shops.

“We went to the Goodwill site and saw how they priced their items, since we wanted it to be similar,” Jensen said.

The center is not looking for more clothes donations but does encourage people to become donors or sign up to receive help during this holiday season. The shop will be open again in the Shepherd Union Liar on Nov. 11 and the deadline to sign up for Sub-for-Santa is Nov. 9. For more information contact the WSU Women’s Center at 801-626-6090.




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