lunch with lauren2RGB-01Some of my favorite outings with my dad occur when we go out to eat. My dad is a huge fan of finding local, greasy-spoon restaurants–a love that he successfully imparted on me.

Recently, my dad read a restaurant review of The Rusted Spoon in the Standard Examiner, so we decided to try it out.

That was nearly a month ago now, but we already went back for more of the honey butter they used on their delicious scones.

I feel a little badly saying that since I’m an avid supporter of The Criddle’s scones, but I have to say that The Rusted Spoon does it better.

The first time we went to The Rusted Spoon, it was packed. I think the Examiner review really brought people in. The waitresses seemed overwhelmed and inexperienced, but they held their own in the madness.

My dad ordered from the senior citizens breakfasts; the #1 Ham, Bacon, or Sausage & Egg Breakfast ($5.99) includes hash browns, toast and one egg cooked to your liking. My dad chose to substitute his toast for one of their plate-sized scones–a good call.

Aside from the large scone, this is a simple breakfast that you could cook at home, but the joy of The Rusted Spoon is that it’s home cooking that you don’t have to cook yourself.

His egg was cooked well, the hash browns had a bit of a crunch as they should and the sausage was big, spicy and delicious.

I ordered a sandwich from the lunch menu. The sandwiches come with your choice of soup, salad or french fries. You can also upgrade your fries to onion rings for 99 cents.

I chose to have the salad. This was a mistake. It was essentially flavorless. The beet, which I typically don’t eat, was the best part. The apple vinaigrette dressing was recommended to me, but the flavor was more subtle than what I would have liked for this mundane salad. Next time, I’ll fork out the extra buck for some onion rings.

But the sandwich that I got was quite good. The Monte Cristo ($8.49) consists of ham, turkey and Swiss cheese on egg-dipped Texas toast that is sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with homemade jam. Sounds weird right? Almost like chicken and waffles.

I substituted the Swiss cheese for some cheddar at the waitresses’ recommendation. I think that was a good choice, but the powdered sugar and jam is what made this otherwise decent sandwich more exciting. I would order it again. Although, I do think that $8.49 is a high price for this sandwich.

The breakfast food is what I would come back to The Rusted Spoon for. And that’s just what my dad and I did.

My second go around, I decided to order the Breakfast Burrito ($8.99). Most breakfasts come with hash browns, two eggs and toast. Apparently this one doesn’t. I also ordered a pancake on the side just to tell you how they are–honestly, it’s a pancake, also plate-sized. Don’t waste your money on that when you can order food that you’d not be able to easily make at home.

As for the burrito, it was big and pretty good. The burrito has ham, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese, hash browns, and salsa wrapped in a tortilla. It wasn’t too cheesy or eggy, which I appreciated. It was a bit dry, so you’ll want to use the salsa and/or sour cream it comes with. And don’t worry about the salsa being too hot. It was heavy on the tomato end of the salsa spectrum. In fact, I used Cholula to get more flavor.

Overall, this place is a nice little breakfast joint up in Perry. With a name like Rusted Spoon, you’d think it would have more of a greasy spoon restaurant feel, but it has a cottage feel with a slight industrial chic twist. The upstairs level looks a little more greasy spoon with bar stools at the counter. So the design of this place is best characterised as confused. But when you go to greasy spoon places, you’re not concerned about the atmosphere–it’s all about the food.

The Rusted Spoon is located at 2645 US-89, Perry, UT 84302

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Price: $


Atmosphere: 2 spoons


Service: 3 spoons


Food: 3.5 spoons



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