Snow and ice by the Shepherd Union building that was not completely removed after the Nov. 25 storm. (Emily Ferguson / The Signpost)
Snow and ice by the Shepherd Union building that was not completely removed after the Nov. 25 storm. (Emily Ferguson / The Signpost)

As the semester winds down, the winter weather picks up, and snow and ice threaten cross-campus travelers.

Over the Thanksgiving break, snow blanketed the campus just in time for students returning from their turkey day excursions. Many students have noticed a lot of slick areas as they walk to class. Facility Management keeps watch over the forecast, so they are aware when the next storm will hit.

Hunter McBeigh, business representative for Facility Management, explained that their department sends out their snow removal team depending on how bad the storm is. This latest snow storm set the snow removal team to work during the Thanksgiving break. According to McBeigh, Facility Management is responsible for clearing snow from the streets, parking lots and anywhere else their Kubota tractor can fit on campus. This does not include the smaller sidewalks that many students use throughout the day.

Those responsible for removing the snow in areas around the buildings are the custodians. Miguel Lopez is the custodian manager at Weber State, and he ensures all students that his team is out making sure that the walk ways are safe for students.

“We check the forecast on a weekly basis, and then we prepare,” Lopez said.

Lopez sends people out to clear the walkway once there is about 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground. They also spray salt on the walkways after the snow has been removed. When it comes to ice, Lopez explained that he has his staff check every morning for any ice that might be on the ground.

There are custodians in every building on campus who can respond to the need for cleaning up the walkways from the winter storms. Lopez also explained that there is someone who is on call to respond to a walkway that has become slippery. He does admit that is more difficult to get someone to clear the walkway at night but that there is always someone available during the day.

Many students on campus are concerned with the snow removal. There have been a lot of complaints on social media that the campus snow and ice have not been removed in a lot of areas. Many students worry about slipping on ice on their way to class. Madie Thompson, WSU freshman, is scared of falling on her way to class.

“There was ice on the steps on my way to class, and I had to hold on to the railing because I was afraid I’d fall,” Thompson said.

If there are any slick or unsafe areas that are spotted on campus, report it to Facility Management at 801-626-6331.

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