Evil apples is a smartphone version of the popular adult-themed game Cards Against Humanity. (Kellie Plumhof / The Signpost)
Evil Apples is a smartphone version of the popular explicit game Cards Against Humanity. (Kellie Plumhof / The Signpost)

App: Evil Apples

Available: Apple, Android

Cost: Free

Description: Cards Against Humanity fans, rejoice! Evil Apples is a free, smartphone version of the popular explicit card game Card’s Against Humanity. Although similar, Evil Apples is not affiliated with the makers of CAH.

The app offers games between friends as well as strangers. Each player starts out with an original deck and more expansions can be bought later on in the game.

Note: This app is NSFW and contains adult material and language.

Pros: The biggest pro for Evil Apples is that the in-game card expansions don’t cost actual money. They are bought with coins and cake slices, both of which can be earned relatively quickly during standard gameplay.

Another good thing about the app is that it only takes three friends to start a game, so you won’t be stuck waiting on a barrage of friends to download before you can play.

Users will also find it helpful that in friend-to-friend gameplay, there is no time limit, and you don’t all have to be playing all at once for it to work. This means that games can be played over a period of days, and they won’t expire.

Evil Apples can be played with three friends, which is the minimum, or more and doesn't require that each person be online at the same time to play. (Kellie Plumhof / The Signpost)
Evil Apples can be played with at least three friends and doesn’t require each person to be online at the same time to play. (Kellie Plumhof / The Signpost)

Cons: Initially setting up a game can be confusing, and you may end up with three or four games that you didn’t intend to set up. The trick is to always return to the lobby, which can be done by hitting the button in the top righthand corner of the app. This will bring you back to a menu showing all current games and invitations.

Another con is that, at first, cards will seem to repeat often since players who’ve recently downloaded won’t have upgraded to any expansions yet. This will quickly resolve as more packs are added.

Overall: The app is a fun alternative to those who either don’t have CAH but love the game or those who can’t always find time to organize a group of friends to play in real time. Despite the initial confusion when starting games, the app is well worth it for those who want a fun and engaging game to play with friends.

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