"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is an action movie with a Valentine's love sizzle. (Source: Twentieh Century Fox)
“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is an action movie with a Valentine’s love sizzle. (Source: Twentieth Century Fox)

Due to the cold weather and the nature of the holiday, during the Valentine’s Day season many people like to curl up with their significant other—or a substitutional teddy bear—and watch a romantic movie. However, sometimes the choice of movies can seem rather slim and Nicolas Sparks movies can get old. If you’re looking to escape from the traditional chick flick genre, but don’t feel like giving up your addiction to adorable kiss scenes so close to Valentine’s Day, then here is a list of the top five action movies for your Valentine’s Day movie night:

  1. “The Adjustment Bureau” came out in 2011 and stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. This movie is about a young struggling politician named David and the woman—Elise—who inspires him to give a speech that completely turns his career around. They later meet again and can’t deny the chemistry between them. They are adamant about seeing each other, but are unaware of the Adjustment Bureau. The Bureau is a group of men that possess a special set of skills and secretly interfere in the lives of people to bring to pass the plans that they have for the world. Their plans do not involve David and Elise being together, and they will do anything to keep her out of the picture. This movie is extremely suspenseful with a creative plot. It’s definitely not a typical love story.
  2. Another thrilling move to try is “Knight and Day” starring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. Diaz plays a woman named June who finds herself caught in a life of espionage when she gets on an airplane with the rogue agent Roy Miller. Between trying to stay alive and ignoring her growing attraction to Roy, June must figure out if she can really trust him—or figure out how to get away from him if she can’t. This movie not only has great action, but has a good humor, an interesting plot twist and some amazing street chases.
  3. In the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt play a couple who are trying to save their dying marriage. Everything gets complicated when they find out that they work for competing spy agencies and their domestic arguments suddenly become life or death. This movie is highly recommended if you’re into big guns, high stakes and steamy love scenes.
  4. Next we have the movie “RED.” Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, a retired CIA agent who is in love with Sarah Ross, played by Mary-Louise Parker. For reasons unknown to him, Frank is blacklisted and goes on the run to find out why he’s suddenly fallen out of favor with the CIA. The catch is that by speaking with him on the phone Sarah has become a target, and he is forced to kidnap her to ensure her safety. This movie has an intriguing plot and great one-liners. The romance was artfully portrayed, and though subtle, it isn’t completely overshadowed by the fantastic action and great comedy.
  5. Last but not least is the movie “Killers.” In this movie, Katherine Heigl plays Jen, a girl who’s been unlucky in love until she meets a man named Spencer, played by Ashton Kutcher. They fall madly in love and get married. Everything seems perfect until she finds out that her husband is a retired assassin. Spencer claims that he’s gotten out of his past life of killing, but that does little to console her. Someone has placed a bounty on their heads and it seems as if everyone in their lives is trying to kill them. This movie is a fun blend of comedy, action and romance.

So if you’re looking for a great date night or movie night choice, do not feel confined to a selection of predictable chick flicks. Instead, grab your cuddle buddy and some popcorn and enjoy something a little more exciting.

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