Racism and prejudice seem to be ever-existing issues in different places and cultures throughout the world today. At Weber State University, the Center for Diversity and Unity is trying to raise awareness on the matter.

On Feb. 18 from Noon – 1:15 p.m., the Center for Diversity and Unity in the Shepherd Union Building (Room 232) will be hosting an event called “Racism in the 21st Century.”

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Akeara Belt, 10 carries a sign with a MLK quote during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration march. (Christina Huerta/The Signpost)

This event is a part of the Stop the Hate program. The Center for Diversity’s website says the purpose of the Stop the Hate program is to encourage inclusiveness on WSU’s campus by eliminating stigmatization as well as conveying an awareness of those who are excluded on the campus and in the community.

“Racism in the 21st Century” will include a panel of speakers that will discuss how racism is still at large in the modern world, what students can do to make their peers feel included and how language can be used as a tool to combat and abolish racism.

“The speakers are (Pepper Glass), he’s a sociology professor, and Jennifer Wyllie, she is the African-American student senator,” said Slim Ben Khalifa, the student chair for the Stop the Hate series. “They will be discussing the racism issue during history, if we still have racism now in the 21st century and how some languages and facts could be related to racism.”

Khalifa said that students should attend the panel because “This event will show the students how racism still exists and how we stop it,” adding that, “This chair and this event are not about sensitive feelings, it’s about respect.”

“Racism in the 21st Century” will be free, and while everyone is completely welcome to come, students are particularly encouraged to attend so they can learn how to improve the quality of campus life for their peers and better include those that they will interact with in their communities.

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