Whether you are single, new to an area or missing your significant other this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a glorious time. Treating yourself to a night out can be rejuvenating, and it can be accomplished without spending a small fortune. Here are five ideas for dating the most important person in your life—you:

1. Dress up and dine out: There are few things more gratifying than putting on your favorite outfit and hitting the town. What better way to celebrate you than to dress to the nines and head to your favorite dinner spot? Whether it is Olive Garden or McDonald’s, you can get the fancy date experience without the fancy date price simply by changing your clothes.

2. Take an art class: Ogden boasts a number of art studios that offer affordable classes. Don a smock and tap into your creative side. You can make new friends, and you might even get new wall decor out of it.

3. Go to a comedy club: With laughter resonating throughout the room, a comedy club can be a single person’s dream date. Social pressures fall away and you can get lost in the comedy sketch, feeling like part of the performance rather than a mere observer.

4. Throw a dance party: Stay in, turn up the tunes and let your inner Patrick Swayze take over. Nobody puts baby in a corner, so take center stage at Club Bedroom and dance the night away.

5. Netflix and chill: Kick back, put on some sweatpants and grab a tub of ice cream. Indulging in the finer, creamier things in life while your favorite show runs in the background makes for a perfect night in solitude. The best part about dating yourself is that you don’t have to share the remote or your Ben & Jerry’s.

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Spend Valentine's Day chillin' with Netflix. (Photo Illustration by Danny Rubio / The Signpost)
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