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My wife Amanda and I at our first school dance together. Jordan High School junior prom 2002. Photo credit: Derrick Gainsforth

Last time I was single,
It feels like only yesterday.
My wallet chains would jingle,

And my hair was locked in braids.

Last time I was single,
Boy bands were still a thing.
I hated them so much.
I wanted Justin Timberlake to bleed.

Last time I was single,
Godsmack was my favorite band.
I carried cases of CDs to school
Inside of my book bag.

Last time I was single,
Right before I met this girl,
I was bagging groceries for people
As bombs fell around the world.

Last time I was single,
I was a huge pro wrestling fan.
I guess some things don’t change
Because that one I still am.

Last time I was single,
I dressed only in black.
Pentagrams and choke chain collars,
I was the Goth kid in the back.

Last time I was single,
Before I gave my heart away.
I wanted so badly just to feel.
I felt love inside of pain.

Last time I was single
was the last time I wrote a poem.
Before that girl changed my life,
I only wrote to be alone.

Last time I was single,
It was the year 2002.
To my wife, my high school sweetheart,
Amanda, I still love you.

Happy Anniversary.

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