This past weekend, the national spotlight was focused on the new Deadpool movie, but the real place to be for superheroes was right here in Utah at Marvel Universe Live. The spectacular four-day run drew thousands of eager superhero fans to downtown Salt Lake City.

Marvel Universe Live is a traveling arena show that features an array of Marvel characters. The high-energy, action-packed performance is in a family-friendly environment. Unlike other arena shows, Marvel Universe Live is as fun for the adults as it is for the children.

Marvel superheroes pose for fans as the performance comes to an end. Source: Natalie Martin

The story begins with a bang as the God of Thunder, Thor, smashes a powerful artifact known as the Cosmic Cube. Sparks fly as Thor’s villainous brother, Loki, attempts to clone the artifact in an attempt to destroy the universe. The popular superhero group known as The Avengers assembles alongside the X-men and Spiderman to stop Loki and his band of villains from destroying the universe.

The first half of the show is mostly building the story and introducing the characters. The storytelling is easy enough to follow, but some of the dialogue may be too advanced for children to follow. There are a few high-action fight sequences and stunts early in the show, but by intermission it hasn’t picked up too much.

The second half of the show is where it really takes off—the action begins almost immediately and does not stop until the show is over. Bruce Banner (aka the Incredible Hulk) and Wolverine reluctantly pair up to perform death-defying motorcycle stunts.

Meanwhile, Ironman and Hawkeye ward off a villain who is literally set on fire. In another scene, Spiderman is seen free falling roughly 25 feet off the Statue of Liberty. The amount of danger to the performers in this show is high. The crew members are crucial to the success and safety of the stunts being performed.

Marvel Universe Live is a breath of fresh air for parents who simply cannot sit through another Disney on Ice special. The show packs all the action and dialogue from the beloved film franchises and still manages to stay family appropriate.

With its tremendous critical reception, this show is sure to evolve into a yearly staple on the arena tours. Be sure to keep this show on your radar for the next time it rolls into town—you won’t be disappointed. If you have children to take, you’ll definitely be the coolest parent on the block.

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