“We, the members of the Weber State University Student Association, in order to form a more effective association, ensure a representative and orderly system of self-governance, establish internal justice, promote and defend those inalienable rights and pursuant responsibilities common to all persons, as well as those provided by Federal, State and Institutional authorities and to pursue the fulfillment of the mission of this institution do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

That is the Weber State University Student Association preamble that all elected legislative and executive officials must say before taking their seats as student government officials. This week, elections for the legislative branch of WSUSA, the student-run governing body on campus, will be held in the Shepherd Union building.

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Elections are being held through Thursday in the Shepherd Union building. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)

The WSUSA senate elections are held every year in the spring. Students can run for a position if they are a part of one of the university’s seven colleges or identify with a special constituency on campus like veterans or students with disabilities. Senate is meant to be as diverse as the student population on campus, so there are many representatives from all corners of campus and all walks of life.

Currently there are 20 people running for student senate and seven positions are available. The unfilled positions are the American Indian Senator, the Asian Senator, the athletic Senator, the college of applied sciences and technology Senator, the education Senator, the pacific islander senator and the students with disabilities senator. Students can apply and sign up to be any one of these positions until the elections are over Thursday at noon.

“Having 22 senators helps each group of students and their unique needs to be met,” Sarah Dosier, the executive chair of the senate elections committee, said.

There will be a Meet the Candidates day in the Shepherd Union building Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Candidates will have a table to showcase their platform, picture and all other campaign materials. Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) is providing snacks and drinks throughout the atrium, free for all students visiting and speaking to the candidates.

Students interested in applying for those open positions can contact Dosier at sarahdosier@weber.edu.

Voting can be done at anytime online at weber.edu/vote. If there are any difficulties with voting on your own device, the WSUSA Elections team will have booths set up in the atrium with computers for students to cast their ballot.

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