Weber State students elected 15 of their peers to the WSUSA Senate last week during a week of voting.

Eight other positions were undecided at week’s end, because no candidates had declared their intentions to run. However, write-in candidates were allowed, and the results of those write-in campaigns were being verified.

2-15 election booths (Gabe Cerritos) (1 of 2).jpg
WSUSA senator elections were held last week in the Shepherd Union building. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)

According to WSUSA Legislative Election Chair Juhi Dubal, about 350 students voted for representatives for the university’s colleges, the residence halls and specific constituencies.

The results, with the winners listed first:

  • College of Arts and Humanities: Genesis Cruz, 62; write-in candidate, 4; abstain, 1.
  • College of Science: Alexis Frias, 49; abstain, 6; Jose Chacon, 4.
  • College of Health Professions: Chelsea Bybee, 53; Erin Domingues, 23; abstain, 3.
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Parker D. Hughes, 45; Anne Olsen, 33; Aimee Urbina, 4; write-in candidate, 1.
  • School of Business and Economics: Logan George, 60; abstain, 5.
  • Bachelor of Integrated Studies/Honors: Zachary Bliss, 15; abstain, 2.
  • Graduate students: Maria Georgiou, 4.
  • Davis Campus: Jessica Cairo, 31; abstain, 3; write-in candidate, 3.
  • Residence Halls: Larissa Jiron, 42; abstain, 2; write-in candidate, 2.
  • Hispanic students: Kimberly Rodriguez, 65; abstain, 3; write-in candidate, 2.
  • Traditional students: Slim Ben Khalifa, 167; abstain, 43; write-in, 11.
  • Nontraditional students: Janis Branca, 111; abstain, 11; write-in, 6.
  • International students: Mustafa Alshilati, 16; Oluwasen Ojomo, 6; abstain, 3; write-in candidate, 1.
  • Veterans: David Tomczak, 8; abstain, 2.

The positions that had no candidates and were waiting on the verification of write-ins were African-American senator, American Indian senator, Asian senator, athletic senator, College of Applied Science & Technology senator, College of Education senator, Pacific Islander senator and students with disabilities senator.

The WSUSA Executive Board elections will be held March 14-17. Candidates for those positions have until March 4 to declare their candidacy and until March 6 to file a candidate platform.

For more information, go to the WSUSA election website at

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