Confucius once said, “Find something you love to do, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

For most people, Confucius’s idea of turning passion into work never happens, but for Weber State University student Rebecca Smith, it already has.

Smith has a passion for making elaborate costumes, and in February of 2014, she started Seamingly Magic Costume Design, turning her passion into a business.

At an early age, Smith’s mother, Kellie, started teaching her how to sew. It wasn’t long until she started making her own clothes.

“I would raid my mom’s fabric stash and spend the whole day just making a skirt,” she said.

Smith started making costumes while she was in the musical “Into the Woods” at Ogden High School.

“I didn’t do the entire show, but I made about five of the pieces,” said Smith.

Soon after high school, Smith auditioned with a local princess party company for the role of seamstress/actress.

“This sounds awesome. I can make some costumes and also work for them — let’s do this,” said Smith.

After making a few costumes for this company, she decided to start making her own to see if she could sell them herself though local Facebook cosplay groups.

“Rebecca is one of the hardest working women on this planet,” said Megan Miller, one of Smith’s close friends. “She is always sewing and embroidering something. I admire her for that.”

Eventually, her costume designs caught enough people’s attention to start her own company, and in just two years, Smith said her success has been outstanding.

“It’s just exploded in two years,” she said.

Depending on ow elaborate of a costume the customer wants, it can take up to three months to complete.

“I always get excited when people order Rapunzel,” said Smith. “The only one I haven’t done is Belle, and she terrifies me.”

Smith said that making Belle’s golden ball gown would be extremely elaborate and, after its completion, would weigh more than 20 pounds.

With more than 50 orders shipped, including several international orders to Germany, England, Canada and Australia, Smith said she takes pride in her work and has made several people happy.

“She works so hard on each costume she makes, and each one is made with love,” said cosplay enthusiast Daniel Toscano. “She even hand embroiders all of her costumes.”

After the success of Seamingly Magic Costume Design, Smith looked to start another business.

Noticing an absence of princess party companies in the Ogden area, Smith founded Northern Utah Princess Parties.

“Why not just open something?” said Smith. “There isn’t anyone in Ogden that does this”

Northern Utah Princess Parties features several popular fairy tale characters, all in custom-designed costumes, handmade by Smith.

“Being in costume is literally a dream come true,” said Miller, who plays the roles of Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel. “All my life, I’ve wondered what it would be like to be a princess, and this is pretty close.”

Smith said that both businesses go together, but her princess party business is currently more profitable.

On top of being a seamstress and costume designer, Smith is also an accomplished musician. Smith is currently a private instructor for piano and flute.

Smith has truly been able to blend the lines between work and passion.received_10208661177588184.jpegreceived_10208661162307802.jpeg1dd2e3_61960b4c06e94347af15c41a1c62b224.jpg

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