Our very own Waldo spotted at Color Me Mine. Photo credit: Color Me Mine - Ogden

“Who doesn’t love to paint?” said Maddie Westbroek, employee at Color Me Mine and student at Weber.

Color Me Mine is located on 188 25th St. in downtown Ogden. According to the co-owner of the shop, Kerri Ulibarri, “It is a paint-your-own-pottery studio.” This means that anyone can walk in and pick a mold that is already provided and paint it there on the spot.

Color Me Mine is a chain franchise. It was started in California and has expanded all over the country and even internationally in Australia, China and Canada. Currently, there are five locations here in Utah. The sixth location will be coming soon to Logan.

According to Westbroek, the new location in Logan should be up and running within two years.

Color Me Mine has been on 25th for about seven years now. It has been owned by its current owners, Ulibarri and Jenny Rose for four years. The two bought it from their friend, who was the previous owner.

“We actually really enjoy what we do,” said Ulibarri.

Westbroek explained how Color Me Mine operates. She said that all of their pottery is shipped in from out of state. Once they receive the pottery, guests will choose a piece and paint it.

Once it is painted, it must be fired and glazed, giving it a glossy finish. After it’s fired and glazed, it becomes a work of art.

A teapot painted by a customer of Color Me Mine. Photo credit: Color Me Mine - Ogden

The studio fee to sit in the workshop, paint the mold and to fire and glaze it is $8 for adults and $5 for kids. That price is then added onto the price of the ceramic.

Prices for the ceramics range from $8 to $60. According to Westbroek, their average price of ceramics is between $12 and $15.

Ulibarri said those average price items include plates, bowls and mugs.

Students who choose to go to Color Me Mine can take advantage of their promotions and discounts. Every Friday, it’s two for the price of one. Students also get a 10 percent discount if they have their student ID.

Color Me Mine does not only offer painting opportunities inside of their shop. Ulibarri explained that they do fundraising, and they do to-go parties. They have done fundraising for schools, including Weber, and they often go to Legacy Care Center in Layton to paint with the elderly.

The employees of Color Me Mine emphasize that anyone can come and paint. “You don’t have to be good to have fun,” Westbroek said. She believes that everyone has a little creativity in them.

Ulibarri said those that come in really enjoy the environment. “We have people that come in to paint, and they end up painting out for 2-3 hours,” she said.

According to Westbroek, they take pride in satisfying their customers. “We are really strong on customer service,” said Westbroek. She said their goal is just to make everyone happy that decides to come in. They strive to make it a family-friendly environment.

Ally Burton, employee of Color Me Mine, added what she believes to be the goal of the shop. Burton said they strive to “put out a good attitude for the public, let people have fun and have fun yourself.”

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