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Artists add color to their trees during the Liquid Canvas grand opening in Clearfield, Utah. (Christina Huerta / The Signpost)

Move over rom-coms, there is a new go-to for girl’s night. On March 4, Liquid Canvas opened their new location in Clearfield. Equipped with a microphone and a canvas, one of the shop’s artists provides step-by-step instruction so that patrons leave with masterpieces of their own.

Liquid Canvas first opened in 2014 on Historic 25th in Ogden and was inspired by a similar shop in Colorado. After experiencing the excitement of guided painting, Kris Floyd, the owner of Liquid Canvas, set out to bring the fun to Utah.

“It was so much fun, and I’m not artistic whatsoever, so I wanted other people who aren’t artistic to be able to experience that,” said Floyd.

With that notion, Liquid Canvas was born. Floyd soon reached out to surrounding businesses, and the store now does a lot of collaborations.

“We do dinner and paint nights, so I partner with restaurants. I was very proactive in Ogden to go out and find different business partners so that we could have joint ventures so that we could offer more to customers instead of just a paint night or just going to dinner. We brought it all together under one setting,” Floyd said.

She has already reached out to businesses at the Clearfield location in hopes of providing a similar experience to those customers.

As the Ogden location gained popularity, Floyd felt the need to expand.

“We wanted to kind of get out to people’s communities instead of having them have to travel all the way up to us,” Floyd said.

Over the next few months, Liquid Canvas will open up additional locations, including one in Logan.

With classes set to the tune of 80s classic rock, Liquid Canvas is unlike any other guided art experience. Patrons can combine newly discovered painting abilities with the inspiration of AC/DC to produce a creation they can be proud of. Add to that a glass of wine, and the energy in the shop lends to an exuberant evening.

One patron at the Clearfield shop’s grand opening, Julie Amador, said, “[It is] definitely a bonding experience.”

Along with painting demonstrations, the shop offers wine nights. As Floyd said, “We do a wine education portion to our classes, so we don’t just serve you the wine. We talk about what food to pair it with. We always talk about the local restaurants and what type of food at those restaurants can pair with the wine that we’re serving that night. So it’s not just that you get a glass of wine. You get to learn something about it.” Floyd also added, “On our wine nights, we always still serve a non-alcoholic drink.”

Whether people want to learn a bit about art or just relax with friends, Liquid Canvas offers a place to do both. “[People] come into the class really stressed out and not thinking they can do it,” said Liquid Canvas employee Brielle Dominguez. “And by the end, they love their paintings, and they want to show them off, so I love seeing that. Everybody’s always happy when they leave, so that’s probably the best part.”

For novice artists and master painters alike, Liquid Canvas is becoming the place to kick back and have some fun. With the new locations, more people will be able to do just that. In the words of Dominguez, “Come party with us!”

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