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Elections are being held through Thursday in the Shepherd Union building. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)


Students will have the opportunity to vote this week for their student government leaders for the next school year.

WSUSA executive elections begin Monday. Students may vote on their eWeber portal using weber.edu/vote or at polling booths in the Shepherd Union atrium. Polls close at noon Thursday, according to the WSUSA elections website.

Winners will be announced Friday during the annual Weber’s Got Talent show in the Shepherd Union ballrooms. The talent show begins at 6 p.m., but election results are generally announced toward the end of the evening.

Candidates will be campaigning all week, posting signs and talking to students trying to win their votes. Campaigning was prohibited until Sunday, and candidates are bound to campaign rules laid out in the WSUSA elections rules.

The candidates’ platforms can be found on pages six and seven of today’s Signpost and posted on bulletin boards in the Shepherd Union. Candidates had to submit platforms and photos to the Elections Committee by March 6. If they missed the deadline, their platform or photo may not be included.

For more information, go to weber.edu/studentinvolvement/election.html

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