Gregory Woodfield

Student Body President

Fellow Students of Weber State University, it’s time. It’s time for change. It’s time for opportunity. It’s time for vision. It’s time for Weber State students to understand what Weber State University Student Association does. It’s time for us to supports our athletics. It’s time for unity. It’s time for education. It’s time for performance. It’s time to give a helping hand. It’s time to secure your future leadership. It’s time for Weber State to Elect Gregory Woodfield for Student Body President.

WSUSA is the heart surging purple blood throughout all of Weber State. Most don’t understand what we do, why we’re important or what opportunities we provide for students. It’s my goal when elected to bring WSUSA to YOU, the students and I plan to do this one student at a time. I’ll include everyone in our activities, senate conversations, clubs and orgs, leadership conferences, service opportunities, diversity talks, Davis events and programming, sporting events, and scholarship opportunities.

If elected it is my goal to establish better marketing connections for WSUSA throughout campus. I will continue to build and foster relationships for WSUSA by providing opportunities to non-traditional and traditional students to get involved in WSUSA. I will work toward creating fair opportunities for all students to be involved.

Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost
Elections are being held through Thursday in the Shepherd Union building.

I am currently the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. In the past I served as a chair for the WSUSA activities team, and have been involved with WSUSA for three years. I am a member of the Weber Entrepreneurs Association (WEA), and have been a member of the Weber Marketing Association and Utah State’s Entrepreneur club in the past. I hold Honors at Weber State, and was recently nominated Man of the Year for the 2015-16 Crystal Crest Awards, Inclusivity Award, and Volunteer Award. I currently serve on the student philanthropy board serving as the marketing chair and have developed a student scholarship called the cat2cat with other students.

I promise experience and a fresh perspective.


Gia Ghanbari

Student Body President

With three years as a Weber State resident, I believe I have the experience we need for good and effective reform here on campus. My campaign for Student Body President, believing in equality and opportunity for all, is going to focus both on the improvement of academic standards as well as the quality of student activities by working towards the following;

Student Accommodations: Our goal is to create a better balance between services offered to traditional and nontraditional students by proposing tutoring, better childcare, lactation rooms, etc. for nontraditional students and stronger clubs and organizations, campus representation, national competitions and departmental activities for our traditional students.

Fair Student Fee Distributions: As a student, I have enjoyed my time on campus by engaging in many student fee funding activities and I believe that we can do a better job distributing the student paid fees to various departments here on campus so all students, regardless of major, GPA, or the amount of time they spend on campus can benefit from it.

Parking and Transportation: Weber State University is a commuter school but we have been having problems with transportation and parking for a long time and as our campus continues to grow this problem only gets bigger. One of my first actions as president will be finding a solution to our parking and transportation problem and I would like to use this platform to ask all students to reach out to me with their ideas and suggestions.

Weber State for All! WSUSA is not an exclusive club. Every student affiliated with this university is a member of WSUSA. I will work tirelessly and do my best to make sure all students including students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, religious minorities, international students, multicultural students, single mothers, survivors, veterans and anyone who has ever felt like an outsider to have their voice heard.


Jeff Henry

Legislative Vice President

My name is Jeffrey J. Henry! I’m double majoring in Health Administration Services (HAS) with emphasis in Long-Term care along with Bachelors of Integrated Studies (BIS). My three fields of emphasis are Health Administration Services, Women & Gender Studies, and Communications.

I’m committed to the student body, faculty, and staff of Weber State University. Our university with its open access to all and diversity within our campuses and community requires leadership with an ability to hear, listen, and respond to the needs of the student body (which I’ve done proudly with the help of 22 other senators). I’ve been involved with student government for five years, along with various clubs and organizations, working to maintain the safe academic environment that changes and grows for the better and to meet the needs of you, the Weber State University student. On Senate meeting days, I wear my name badge along with another that says I WORK HERE. Meaning I work as a student advocate for all students on issues that affect Wildcats on and off campus.

I close with a quote from Julia T Wood which encourages me towards my mission as a student, parent, and senate president.

“Active commitment to equality and respect for all forms of people and life, I am against oppression of any form practice against women, men, people with disabilities, and people with specific sexual identities including people race-ethnicities or religions the elderly along with all children.”


Amber Celeste Fast

Legislative Vice President

I believe the most important roles as the Legislative Vice President are to understand and uphold the current WSUSA constitution and bylaws as well as to ensure the Student Senators serving their constituencies. This way they are able to properly serve the student body as their voice. I will remain unbiased to any issue that comes to the Student Senate. I promise to serve and encourage our Student Senate to advocate for the student body.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


Alexis Jackson

Legislative Vice President

I am serving as the senator of Honors and Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS). The Student Senate is a body which represents you students. Senate committees oversee campus and student affairs, addressing issues submitted by students. I currently serve on the Social Media and Marketing Committee. Using student fees, the senators plan events and make improvements to campus life.

In contrast, the Legislative Vice President is responsible for overseeing the work your senators do. She is responsible for coordinating Senate tasks, managing efficiency, and maintaining transparency in Senate. The senators need a leader who will work alongside them as a team. They need a leader who will ensure they work within the bounds of the student Constitution. The Senate needs someone at its head who is capable of leading with integrity.

I will be that leader. During my time as senator, I was described as objective and clear-headed. When I speak in Senate, everyone takes notice because I present reasonable and necessary points. I consider all perspectives and input from all other student groups and senators. I have voted against items I disagreed with when it was unpopular to do so, proving that I am unafraid to stand firm. I will encourage debate in meetings to ensure the best solutions to campus issues are reached. I will ensure your senators reach out and hear your voice as students. You will see the Senate is there to serve you. All senators under Vice President Jackson will have a voice because each one of you needs a voice.


Noor Mouhammad

Programming Vice President

I transferred to Weber State University in 2014, from a small college in Canada. While going to college can be a difficult time, moving away and leaving friends behind can make life even more challenging. For the first year at WSU, I felt lost because I did not know where to meet people. There was not much of a social life on campus, no opportunity to mingle with other singles, and nowhere I knew of to have fun.

If I am elected for Vice President of Activities, I plan on giving students a “traditional” college experience by veering away from the “commuter school” image. I want to increase student involvement on campus and hope to provide YOU the opportunity to create new friendships, share new experiences, and make new memories to look back on.

I plan to create a year that makes you want to come back by bringing out the inner Weber culture that generally gets lost. As Vice President of Activities, I plan to host events that will provide singles with the opportunity to meet others in a safe environment, like speed dating and games nights. In addition, to those couples who are bored with going to movies or Fat Cats, I want to provide fun new date ideas by exposing the hidden gems of Ogden. Also, taking from my experience, I would like to offer students an easier way to develop friendships by organizing scavenger hunts, ladies nights, and various contests.


Wilson Tagoa’l

Programming Vice President

No platform was provided,


Jennifer Wyllie

Diversity Vice President

My name is Jennifer Wyllie and I am a nontraditional student who is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology with a minor in Family Studies. I am running to bring awareness of diversity issues on campus and include all perspectives to be involved in the discussion. Diversity is more than acceptance, it is knowledge and respect for others and their views. It will be my mission to foster an environment of inclusivity where all students can feel safe and comfortable to voice themselves. Every Wildcat should feel like Weber State is their home. I want to serve as a role model for all students to know their aspirations are possible regardless of their background.

As a leader, I strive to be an honest, available, approachable, and respectful of all cultures and ideologies. My passion for WSU is supported through my involvement in the legislative branch of WSUSA, participation as a leader in several WSU clubs and cross-promoting campus events. As the President of the Sigma Omicron chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., I have learned the importance of the intersections regarding economic development, education, health, political engagement and international awareness.

My dedication to WSU has allowed me to serve on and off campus, gain the knowledge of issues and concerns of fellow students, and to promote awareness of opportunities that a college education can offer, to future Wildcats. It has been my experiences at WSU, which has given me the confidence and pride to know what it means to bleed purple. I am a leader that’s will to not only voice concerns but also work tirelessly to find solutions to campus issues that affect the student body as a whole. To serve as your Diversity Vice President would be an honor, but working with you to develop a better WSU will be a privilege. Jennifer Wyllie for Diversity V.P. Your student voice for inclusivity.


Kestin Page

Diversity & Unity Vice President

My name is Kestin Page and I’m running for Diversity & Unity Vice President. I firmly believe that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. In not only recognizing but also celebrating our diversity we are able to grow together in ways that would not be possible on our own. I believe that a strong grounding in diversity both in the classroom as well as in campus environment will benefit us not just today, but will motivate and prepare us to participate in an increasingly complex world and society.

Diversity takes many forms; whether it be age, race, ethnicity, sex, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin. It is fundamental that we reach out and seek to understand in an environment and spirit of civility, openness, and mutual respect for the dignity of all people. It is my belief that there is so much that is common to our experiences, and we should see people as individuals and not simply a member of one of the identities to which we ascribe. We all have different intersections of our identities and this informs how we see and interact with the world; through being able to understand each other on a more informed basis I think we can come together and see that we are much more than the sum of our parts.

I am running for this position because I want to help our campus community become more aware and more inclusive of all individuals and their identities. I believe Weber State has made great progress towards that goal, but there is always room to do better and raise the bar. I would like to see Weber State held up as a model for what can be accomplished when we not only acknowledge but celebrate our diversity in all its forms. I am ready to take on this role and through my experience as President of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and as Assistant Director of the Diversity Board I feel confident that would represent Weber State well as your next Diversity and Unity Vice President.


Hailame Kinikini

Diversity Vice President

We as future leaders, live in a society where Diversity is viewed as “political topics” or “subjects”. We’ve heard about Caitlyn Jenner; We’ve read the slogan: “BLACK LIVES MATTER”; We live in a community that practices Religious Freedom; We have a large variety of Ethnic Foods at our disposal. No matter what your experience or background, we all have been exposed to some form of Diversity.

But what do we really know about Diversity? What do we know about these individuals and groups? Have you ever had the chance to meet Caitlyn Jenner and hear her life story? Do we know more about culture other than Café Rio and Panda Express? Do we really understand the “why” behind religious practice?

I do not have all the answers to these questions, but as an individual who is rooted within a Diverse heritage, I want to promote that Diversity is not a topic or subject, but rather; a Lifestyle. I will represent Diversity within Weber State, to promote UNDERSTANDING of ALL Diversity. Join me in fostering an environment that will prepare Weber State students to gain an unmatched, informed understanding that is uncommon among todays society.

As a Diversity VP I will create an atmosphere that will allow others to seek to understand, before they seek to be understood.

We will achieve this by hosting events, activities, socials, and providing resources that will not only inform and educate; but will also engage students with an open environment where honest opinions, questions, and concerns of our students can be shared, HEARD and discussed.

Elect Hailame Kinikini Diversity VP, and let us create a more understood, informed, and harmonious university!


Kasey Call

Service Vice President

Hey fellow Wildcats!! My name is Kasey Call and I’m running for Vice President of Service. If elected to this position, it would be my third year on the service team and my second year of service as the Vice President. This is important because there is a significant learning curve to this position and with my experience I can spend more of my time developing the service team and making connections across campus to spread the word about the volunteer opportunities that we offer to students. Many students struggle to get out and volunteer but if you plan on going to graduate school or out into the professional world, volunteering and service are vital to your success and may even be required. Mayor Caldwell of Ogden City said in Project LEAD this year that volunteering was key to his success in getting to where he is today. I understand that principle as a candidate and I plan on focusing my efforts on helping you as students succeed by providing volunteer opportunities that will prepare you for your future. As VP of Service, I plan on expanding my teams marketing to each of the respective colleges on campus. With my years of experience, I also have connections on campus that can facilitate the service team expanding into other clubs and organizations on campus. With your vote, I will work to provide an avenue to service and volunteering for every student on campus. This will allow our graduating class to be more competitive in applying to graduate school and out in the professional world. Thanks for your vote Wildcats!!


Morgan Gardiner

Service Vice President

Hello! I’m Morgan, nice to meet ya. I love being a leader. I love inspiring others. I love reaching out. I am inventive and excited about involvement. When I commit, I follow through. I started at WSU as a recruitment Ambassador, an Emerging Leader and Lynx scholar and currently serve as a director on the WSUSA Leadership Team and a chair on the LDSSA Student Council. I am a Volunteer Tutor at Polk Elementary, served with the Special Olympics and was a previous Best Buddies Volunteer. I work as a Behavior Therapist for Autistic children and I absolutely love inspiring others to grow and reach their potential. Previously, I did humanitarian service internationally and also served an eighteen-month mission in Washington State. I am devoted to Weber State.

I want to continue building bridges between WSU and our Community partners. Volunteer opportunities are becoming more available, and I want to keep up the momentum! I want to enhance events, inspire volunteers, and create new opportunities that you as a student want to participate in. I want students to become changed by volunteering their time, talents and efforts. There is nothing I love more, and if you have a desire to serve, LET’S DO IT together! It’ll change your life. I’m capable, passionate and committed to serve.


Hannah Smith

Service Vice President

Hello, thank you for taking time to read a little bit about me, and why I am running for Service Vice President. I have been living in Ogden my entire life, so Weber State is a special school to me. I was born in, and currently live in South Ogden, where I have grown up devoting a lot of my time to serving my community, and the people that help make it great. I could go on about how many service projects I’ve done, and how much I have accomplished by doing various projects, but the bottom line is that there is still MORE that needs to be done. Putting your heart and soul into serving others is more than just writing volunteer hours down on paper for your job resume. Putting your heart and soul into serving others is being there in the moment while addressing the need of another, feeling what they feel, and helping them overcome a trial. It is completing a task, and immediately looking for additional needs, because service never has a deadline. There is always something to be done, and someone to be helped.

My personal quote for this campaign is “Love all, Serve all”. To me, this means to always put others before yourself, NO MATTER WHAT. I believe strongly that service is a way of life, not just something that you do for personal or public recognition, to put on a resume, or to be seen as a better person in other people’s eyes. Whether it be a small act or large, it is the greatest thing that any of us could ever do while here on this earth. And not just simply serving people… Service is so much more than an action. It is having pure love for other people, the earth, and your community, and just being a friend to everyone, no matter who they are. As your Service Vice President, this is the idea that I would like to leave with the members of the Service Team, as well as with other students here at Weber State University.


Marc DeYoung

Clubs and Orgs Vice President

I was born bleeding purple! I am a third generation Weber State Wildcat and proud to be part of such a historic and successful legacy. Having lived my entire life just a few blocks north of campus, I feel that Weber State has always been a part of who I am. From my Grandma being voted “friendliest girl on campus” back in the 1940’s to having cheered my way through the past 23 seasons of Weber State Basketball, the Weber State experience is my experience. I have been fortunate to have always had a connection with this school I love, and my goal is to help every student find that connection with this campus. Investment is bred with involvement and my goal as the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations is to make involvement easy, accessible, and plentiful. I want bring involvement to the students and use my experience as a leader at Weber State to create a culture of community that so many other universities enjoy. For a college experience that is more than just a class, MARK MARC!


Parker DeYoung

Clubs and Orgs Vice President

My goal is to promote the social aspect of college by increasing involvement and motivating students to participate in the many activities, events, clubs and organizations here at Weber State University. Our college years should be a balance of having fun and meeting new people as well achieving our academic goals. I have found that some of the best ways to meet new people and have a great time here at Weber State University are through attending activities, athletic events, concerts, and other social events and parties. There are numerous clubs and groups here on campus, and they all cater to hobbies and interests that are applicable to any one of us. I am a strong supporter of student involvement and my goal when I am elected as vice-president will be to continue to build awareness among the students of the many activities, clubs, organizations, and events. I plan to motivate and help provide opportunities to join, network, or just participate in our many clubs and organizations. I will do this by helping each club and organization connect with the many programs and services that are readily available for our use here at Weber State. I believe I am well qualified for the job. This past year I was President of the Student Alumni Association where I had the opportunity to work with many leaders of the university and also the chance to meet a great number of the presidents of the clubs and organizations here on campus. I have enjoyed every minute of my involvement during the past three years, and would like to continue my involvement at the university. I love and greatly appreciate the education I have received here, and I have found that being involved in organizations outside of academics enhances my education. My desire is to provide that same opportunity for all students.


Cody Brown

Leadership Vice President

Hello, my name is Cody Brown! This year I am running for the Leadership Vice President position. I have been a manager, I have military leadership experience, and I am moving on to a third year of being involved with WSUSA, Weber State University Student Association. This year, I am completing my term as the Vice President of Diversity and Unity, why is that important? Well, with this year and being on the Diversity Board last year, I have learned a lot about many groups of people. I have learned to be more inclusive to everyone I meet and even everyone I lead; I was nominated for the Crystal Crest of inclusivity for two years in a row. I would plan on bringing my inclusive attitude to the Leadership team, hopefully bringing a friendly atmosphere within the team and a welcoming environment for those who are not yet involved with the Leadership team and their activities.

In all my time in being in leadership positions, I learned everyone has leadership potential. We lead every day! I know you may not always notice it, but others could observe every action that is taken, some people may admire you for some trait you have you may have overlooked for years. People learn from others, and everyone is teaching someone even if they are not doing it intentionally. So, everyone has the potential to lead someone else. With that potential comes the possibility for a positive impact! I also learned that a positive outlook could sometimes be all that is needed to inspire others. A good attitude is contagious. In a way, we are all like a plant. There is potential for growth every day! As Leadership Vice President, I would want to help others see their potential, as well as continuing to grow myself.

I have always enjoyed working with the Leadership team in the past. I have looked into the Leadership team for a while now, and I feel like I can make a positive impact to their contributions to our great campus!


Landon Bickley

Leadership Vice President

Que paso, WSU! If you are reading this, first off, this shows that you actually care about the direction of Weber State as a University. Think about it. How many people are going to cruise right on by this week without even glancing over this? So Kudos to you!

When I first joined WSUSA (Weber State University Student Association), I did so as a volunteer. I was receiving no sort of scholarship help from the school or school credit either. I just wanted to do something worthwhile with my time. It seriously has changed my experience here at Weber State. I’m a transfer student from another Utah school, and people will often ask me what I like about Weber as opposed to my last school. My experience has been completely different but way more fulfilling for me. That’s why I’m running for VP of LEADERSHIP. I flippin’ love this school!

You ask anyone about who they admire as a leader, and they’re going to give you a list a mile long of the attributes they wish they had just like their hero. I want to help anyone at Weber State become the leaders they want to be—not what their parents, friends, or bosses expect, but help anyone to step into the shoes they would like to fill.

I want to help others find their inner leaders. If I’m voted as Leadership VP I’ll work closely with WSU to promote and carry out such events as Project LEAD, Growl Conference, and various other leadership-inspired events. I’m also excited to bring my new ideas to the table. I want to bring in leaders from the surrounding community to help train and inspire us!

I would love to sit down and talk with anyone about other reasons why I’m running, but there just isn’t enough space to go into specifics here. Plus, I don’t want to bore you. So find me and let’s talk. Whoever you’re voting for just make sure you vote! That’s what counts. Hasta luego (bye bye).


Jesus Garcia

Davis Campus Vice President

My name is Jesus Garcia and I am running to be your Davis Campus Vice President. I am in my first semester as a junior and a social work major with a minor in political science.

Through the duration of my educational career, here at Weber, I have been fortunate and honored to have had several opportunities to become involved within WSUSA. This year I have been involved with the Emerging Leaders program and have created many strong and lifelong friendships through various areas on all campuses. This is also my first semester on the Davis Programming Board, where I work with an amazing team of highly dedicated students in planning and preparing the events that are conducted on the Davis campus. Through these experiences I have only further realized and confirmed one of my true passions as serving others.

Throughout my term I would like to create an outreaching, friendly environment from the Student Involvement & Leadership office so that more students who simply want a place to go will feel welcome. Also, I would like to keep up the current amount of events being planned by the Programming Board by having appointed and volunteer members, and through constant collaboration with newly appointed Davis Senator, Jessica Cairo – congratulations, by the way!

As your vice president, I would like to represent your voice. I want to actually listen to what you have to say. Tell me what you’ve seen on campus that you’d like to see more of. Tell me what you didn’t like. Tell me what you’ve seen on the main Ogden campus that you’d like to have access to here. It would be with great respect and admiration to have everyone take an interest in fostering a rich social life on campus. Let’s get rid of the “it’s just Weber” mindset and start representing Weber with pride! After all, it’s your education and college life too, so let’s make the best out of it so we can all enjoy it!

I am Jesus Garcia and I would love and be honored to be your Davis Campus Vice President.


Hayley Tomney

Davis Campus Vice President

My name is Hayley Tomney and I am running for Davis Campus and Satellite Centers Vice President! I am so excited to be given the opportunity to represent the student body, and the Davis Campus student body in particular.

From the beginning of my academic career, I have been involved with the Davis Campus in multiple ways. I started out working in the testing center as a proctor before becoming a peer mentor through Davis Student Services where I worked for 2 years. Last year I took a position as a service specialist that gave me the opportunity to work with a majority of the Davis Campus students through the information desk, as well as taking a position on the Davis Student Involvement and Leadership board as an event program coordinator. This year I was elected by the student body at the Davis Campus to represent them as a student senator. As my involvement shows, I hold the Davis campus near and dear to my heart. The positions and roles that I have been given at the Davis Campus have helped me to grow as a leader, a student, and as a friend. I’ve met so many great individuals through these experiences. That is why I would love to continue giving back to the Weber State and the Student body going into this next year.

Since I have gained so much from working with the student body over the years, I am excited to take on the next challenge of Davis and Satellite Centers Vice President. Working with the Davis Campus student body has resulted in Weber State becoming an integral part of my identity as a student and I would like to continue helping as I near the end of my time at Weber State. By fully committing to the student body, I hope to leave a lasting impression at Weber State and give the students of Davis Campus an opportunity to have a voice in their education.

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