In the Quizlet app flashcards can be created then studied in a variety of ways while on-the-go. (Kellie Plumhof/The Signpost) Photo credit: Kellie Plumhof

App: Quizlet

Cost: Free

Available: Apple, Android

Description: The Quizlet app is the mobile version of the popular online flashcard website. Much like the website, users have access to flashcards, fill-in-the-blank games and practice exams in order to help them study.

Pros: The app can easily be synced with the user’s existing online account, so there’s no need to create a new account if you’ve already been using Quizlet.

The app runs smoothly, and I’ve yet to have it crash on me since I started using it.

Cons: One bad thing about this app is that entering terms may be tedious and less efficient within the app, as opposed to online. However, an easy solution to this is to first create the study sets on the website and then practice them within the app.

Overall: Now that the fun and frivolity of spring break is over, it’s time to settle back in and focus on studying for exams. This app is an ideal way to study on-the-go and may help to eliminate the number of books needed to lug around when you’re planning to study.

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