After deliberating for two hours on Tuesday afternoon, the Weber State University Student Association Elections Committee ruled that votes cast for four disqualified candidates before Tuesday morning will not count toward the candidate’s final vote totals.

WSUSA Legislative Election Chair Juhi Dubal said the vote totals for the four candidates who were disqualified — Morgan Gardiner, Kasey Call, Hannah Smith and Jesus Garcia — would begin at zero as of 10:07 a.m. on Tuesday when they were informed they could still run as write-in candidates.

Prior to the closing of the elections, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Tara Peris-Caputo said students who had already cast their votes in the affected races before 10:07 a.m. Tuesday would not be able to recast their votes in the races.

Gardiner, Call and Smith were running for the services vice president position while Garcia was one of two candidates running for the Davis Campus vice president position. The four candidates were disqualified on Monday because they didn’t turn in necessary paperwork by the required deadline.

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