3-16 Opportunities in Ogden (Gabe Cerritos)
Weber State University Student Leader Mike Moklebust addressing the attendees before passing the discussion to Heidi Olmedo of Ogden City Human Resources. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)

Imagine you’re sitting in the lobby waiting for an interview for the job of your dreams. You’re dressed to impress, confident and ready to take the job. What if I told you that the other person applying for the same position feels the exact same way, but the only difference is that they completed an internship, and you didn’t. How would you feel then?

On March 16 during the event Talk of the Town: Opportunities in Ogden, a panel composed of Weber State employees, Ogden City Council and student leaders discussed the many opportunities in Ogden that are available to both current students and graduates alike.

This includes volunteer, internship and career opportunities across the board that cover a broad range of majors offered by the university. This event happens once a semester and allows students to be exposed to opportunities that may not have been aware of before and to also make connections within the community.

College Town Initiative Leader Mike Moklebust made comments on his internship to Washington D.C. and how it not only broadened his horizons, but also allowed him to build relationships with others in the profession he is interested in going into.

“Internships are important because a large number of employers are looking for students that graduate with an internship,” he said.

Barry Flitton, who leads internship development over in the Career services office also stressed the importance of internships.

“An intern is an advantage to the employer as the employer is an advantage to the intern,” Flitton said.

Flitton also mentioned that there are many internship opportunities offered through Career Services that students can go for that remain unclaimed, and he would like to have more students going after these opportunities.

Representatives of Ogden City also voiced what opportunities the city offers, as well as the importance of students needing to get involved. Ogden City Counsel Chair Marcia White along with Heidi Olmedo, who works within Ogden City human resources department, spoke and presented PowerPoints consisting of the different opportunities within Ogden.

They also provided information about how to get involved, encouraging the audience to do go and spread the word. During the Q and A session, the panel commented on wishing more students were able to come to the event and brainstormed ideas about how to make that a reality the next time this event rolls around using a larger multitude of ways to spread the word.

Jessica Hendrickson, a student who attended the event, said she enjoyed the experience due to learning so much about the resources available and having individuals share that information with students.

“I had no idea about the amount of scholarships and internships available to students, and it’s very good information to know,” Hendrickson said.

She also mentioned that she wished more students could have attended so that they could be exposed to this information as well.

Information from the event is available to students via the eWeber Portal in Weber Sync. Choose the Community of Engaged Leaders page, and click on the Democratic Engagement Team link to access all the information about the event.

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