Adam Galloway demonstrates his incredible cosplay version of Kylo Ren. Photo credit: Mark Loertscher Photography

Warm up the lightsabers and dust off those cosplay costumes, because it’s time for the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience, also known as FanX.

FanX is the big little sister of the pop culture celebration Salt Lake Comic Con. For three years running, Dan Farr Productions has been bringing the stars to Salt Lake.

The allure of FanX brings in celebrities from all walks of pop culture fandom. Local cosplayer Adam Galloway is a FanX veteran.

“They have a bunch of stuff going on, especially for kids. It’s just really family oriented and that’s what Utah is all about,” said Galloway.

FanX may provide a fun moonwalk for the kids, but the adults are reaching for the stars. Celebrity photo and autograph opportunities are a staple at the event.

“I’ve got photo ops and autographs for probably the biggest two stars—Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Renner. My niece bought a photo op with Nick Carter; he was always her favorite Backstreet Boy so she’s way excited for it,” said Galloway.

In years past, FanX has featured group photo packages themed around a particular fandom. FanX is known to be more theme oriented than Salt Lake Comic Con. “Last year was pretty ‘Doctor Who’ themed and the year before was pretty ‘Star Trek’ themed,” Galloway said. The 2016 FanX package offerings include: “The X Files,” “The Walking Dead” and “Dead Seven.”

Cosplay costume seamstress Christie Davis has been volunteering at FanX since its inception.

“I’ve been volunteering for three years. I first volunteered at FanX 2014 and have volunteered for every con since then. I love volunteering because I like helping people and being part of this awesome event. I also like having a purpose when I’m at FanX,” said Davis.

Volunteering at FanX has helped Davis experience the event in many unique ways.

“My first year, I worked the vendor hall doing celebrity line management. My second year I worked in the panel rooms and this year I’m on the Operation Ninja’s team. We do everything behind the scenes, from hanging signage to hauling Azog & the Trolls (among other things) to and from the Salt Palace. We are everywhere doing everything and this year my son is volunteering with me,” Davis said.

After all it takes to put on this massive event, cosplayers must stay at the ready for the fan-inclusive event. Deciding which characters to portray was not an easy choice for Galloway.

“It took me a while to decide because FanX always announces last minute guests. But, my cosplay lineup this year is going to be Superman on Thursday because the new Batman vs. Superman movie comes out that night. Friday will be my Joker and Saturday will be my Kylo Ren from ‘Star Wars,'” he said.

The third annual Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience will take place March 24 – 26. Tickets range from $17 – $195 for students and $20 – $230 regular admission.

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