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By now we’ve all seen the negative media surrounding Donald Trump campaign. Here are three things we know Donald Trump will make great again if he’s elected president.

Punk Rock
The 80s was, without question, the golden era of punk rock. Why, you ask? The kids were filled with rage and righteous rebellion against the Reagan administration. Punk continued its movement throughout Bush senior’s presidency.

A socially oppressive, conservative government has been the lifeblood of punk rock. Now, to be fair, the music genre thrived during the Clinton era, but it was fueled more by juvenile antics than politics. That brought us to George W. Bush’s administration.

Perhaps the second most important time for punk as a movement came during the early 2000s. Baby Bush was cultivating his global wars and punk fought back. The 2004 protest “Rock Against Bush,” led by NOFX frontman Fat Mike, spawned a resurgence of the punk scene. Bands like Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and Rise Against put out some of their most powerful music to date. A vote for Trump is a vote for punk.

First Nude First Lady
Historically, the job of the First Lady has been one of honor and dignity. The president’s partner-in-crime (see what I did there) has been looked up to as a role model by many Americans.

With President Donald Trump, the term role model will be replaced with super model. That’s right, those conservative family values are too much to let pesky same-sex marriages stand. But never fear, former nude model Melania Trump is here.

Common ground between party lines
Now, I may be jumping the gun here, but it appears to me that both Republicans and Democrats are already sick of this Donald Trump presidency nonsense. There are better options for the leader of the free world in both respective political schools of thought.

Even though I love punk rock, I’m ok sweatin’ to the oldies because even if there are a few things President Trump would make great again, it certainly won’t be America.

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