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When most people think of an English class, they think of writing research papers and learning grammar. Now don’t get me wrong, research papers and grammar have their place, but in my opinion, the best classes in WSU’s English department are the literature classes and the creative writing classes. Here are some reasons you can’t afford to miss these classes:

WSU offers quite a spread

Weber offers classes on contemporary American literature, creative writing workshops and classes that focus exclusively on dystopian fiction or authors such as Jane Austen or Arthur Conan Doyle. One semester, there was even a class about literature and zombies. There are so many options in the English department that everyone is sure to find something that suits their interests.

Be well read

Some of the best literature I’ve ever read was introduced to me in the classes I’ve taken here at Weber State, and I know I wouldn’t have picked them up on my own. “Andrew’s Brain” by E.L. Doctorow, “Einstein’s Dreams” by Alan Lightman and “Women Without Men” by Shahrnush Parsipur are just a few of the amazing titles I’ve read in this program. (I could seriously write a page-long list of books, but I won’t.) Most high school English classes focus on a lot of the same literature, but I guarantee that any literature class here will have something fresh to offer.

Zero tests (usually)

No tests. It sounds too good to be true, and if I’m being honest, it kind of is. Usually, in the English classes I’ve taken, the final isn’t a test but rather a paper. I prefer papers to tests, especially because most professors let their students choose what they want to write about, which makes writing a lot more interesting. Also, they’re usually due on the last day of class, which means no commitments during finals week.

Get technical

I’ve been focusing on literature and creative writing classes, but another really useful section of the English department is the professional and technical writing classes. These classes teach students how to communicate efficiently and simply, which is helpful for all fields of study. The technical writing classes I’ve taken have improved my writing all around — technically, creatively and analytically.

Take everything you hated about English in high school and throw it in the trash because college English classes are on another level. Every literature or writing class I’ve taken at Weber has taught me something new, opened my mind and improved my skills. I’ve loved every English class I’ve taken here, but maybe I’m just a nerd.

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