After the surprising snow storm last week, it was hard to say whether spring was really here or not. Believe it or not, spring has now officially arrived on campus. Spring is a great season because everything starts to blossom again after the cold, brutal winter. Campus looks beautiful with the trees starting to show off their spring colors.

Spring on Campus (Abby Van Ess) (9 of 9).jpg
Pink blossoms fill the trees by Lampros Hall giving off a beautiful spring vibe. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

There are many places on campus that you can go to do homework or eat lunch with a lovely view of the budding nature. There are spectacular views by the pond and Ada fountain. The geese, ducks and other animals that inhabit the pond are fun to watch. Other places to check out are the trees by the Miller Administration building and by the rock garden right next to the Bell Tower.

Spring on Campus (Abby Van Ess) (8 of 9).jpg
At the rock garden by the Bell Tower, white and green buds have formed on the surrounding trees. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

Spring fever is now among us and our winter blues will begin to fade away. Being outside during spring in Utah is something that no one should pass up.

Spring on Campus (Abby Van Ess) (1 of 9).jpg
The weeping willow leaves hang over the pond. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

Spring on Campus (Abby Van Ess) (4 of 9).jpg
The trees have lovely pink blossoms starting to form. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

Spring on Campus (Abby Van Ess) (6 of 9).jpg
In front of the Miller Administration building the trees have blossomed with white and pink flowers. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

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