Twiztid's Monoxide (left) Jamie Madrox (right) Photo credit: Majik Ninja Entertainment

Slather on the face paint and shout a big “Whoop Whoop” because the Juggalo Invasion tour is coming to Utah.

On April 13 at 7p.m., the demented duo known as Twiztid will bring their unique blend of hip-hop horror to The Complex in Salt Lake. Tickets are $22 in advance. It is an all ages show.

Twiztid recently kicked off their North American tour in Canada. Ever the free spirit, Jamie Madrox, part of the Twiztid duo, spoke candidly of the group’s plans for devastation across The Great White North.

“We have devised, what we believe, is the best of the best and packaged that into what is an unstoppable force. We are tracking it around every possible place we can take it to … If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and come check it out because it’s definitely a spectacle that your eyeballs deserve to see,” said Madrox.

With Utah’s diverse population, Madrox delivered a special message for fans in the City of Saints. “You guys have got a weird demographic in Utah, so this is especially for you guys. Juggalos everywhere, what me and my brother Monoxide represent, is a home. We are a place to go for anyone. We understand what it’s like to be different. We respect and we accept anybody for who they are … We don’t give a f—, we’ll take you, just as long as you’re true to yourself,” said Madrox.

Once a long-standing act on Insane Clown Posse’s (ICP) Psychopathic Records, Twiztid left the label in 2012.

“(ICP) are and always will be family to us. Joe and Joey, they are and always will be our brothers and mentors. They’re the people that put us on, and they showed us the ropes. But much like anything in life, when you’re taught something, you always want to continue to keep learning and growing. The day that you stop learning and growing, in my opinion, that’s the day you die,” said Madrox.

Twiztid harbors no ill will toward ICP. “In our regard, there isn’t any bitterness. It’s more like (ICP) said ‘okay, you decided to leave the nest. You decided to grow a pair of balls and wings and you f—in’ wanted to fly,” said Madrox.

After parting ways with Psychopathic, Twiztid founded Majik Ninja Entertainment. “We always aspired to be our own thing and our own company and help other people as well … We believe in ourselves, and we want people to believe in themselves. I think that’s pretty much the undertone theme that we kick out to everybody,” he said.

Madrox is grateful for all the fan support received by the new label. “What we started a long time ago with a f—ing record (Mostasteless) has come this far, and it’s actually bigger than us. People really give a f—, and we love them for that,” said Madrox.

Twiztid will perform alongside Blaze Ya Dead Homie, The R.O.C. and more on April 13 in Salt Lake. Photo credit: Majik Ninja Entertainment

Twiztid and their Majik Ninja crew are set to release something special for their fans as they participate for the first time in the 2016 Record Store Day event.

“We’re dropping a 7-inch vinyl called ‘The Dojo,’ and it’s our entire record label roster … we’re giving a really cool exclusive to people out there to collect … We like to collect things, and we know there’s a certain demographic of people out there that support us that like to collect like we do,” said Madrox

“The Dojo” will be limited to 1000 pressings and only available in local record stores on April 16. Madrox feels validation to be a part of the exclusive event. “Just to be a part of cool s— like that and to be taken as real, you know? I’m a real boy! I’m not Pinocchio anymore g–d— it, I’m a real boy!”

With a renewed passion for the work he loves doing Madrox said, “I think too many people forget to have fun doing what they’re doing and that’s when they lose it all; I don’t want to lose it anymore. I want to have fun all the time.”

Madrox also addressed an ago-old question from the group’s 1997 debut album, “Mostasteless.”

“To this day it’s still speculation and allegation. The hat never quite fit I guess we had to equate. I’m not quite sure. But no, it never did fit. It looked like it might fit Monoxide or maybe Blaze but neither one of them would agree that it did fit. It just didn’t fit anybody.”

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