Students, faculty and community members will come together at Weber State University on April 14 for the “Take Back the Night” march and vigil as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The day’s activities begin at noon, when Utah State Representative Angela Romero delivers a keynote speech by the Moench statue located between the Social Sciences Building and the Miller Administration Building.4-12 Take Back the Night (13 of 13).jpg

After the speech, participants will go on a march around campus, which will include a stop in the Shepherd Union Building where a small demonstration will occur.

Lara Vo, the Strategic Initiative Coordinator at the Women’s Center, said that during the march participants will be carrying signs and chanting to support the victims of sexual assault.

“(We will) give survivors back their voices so they can take back the night and feel safe in their own places and their own homes,” Vo said.

At 8 p.m. in the Wildcat Village, there will be a gathering for a candlelight vigil for victims of sexual assault where both victims of sexual assault and non-victims will get the chance to speak out against sexual assault.

“If anyone who is a survivor wants to speak out there, or speak out in place of someone who doesn’t want to, they are more than welcome to,” Vo said.

Vo said that along with refreshments, information will be made available to attendees of both the march and the vigil.

“We will have campus resources and community resources out there for anyone who needs to find some counseling or help in that area,” she said.

Take Back the Night is an international movement that dates back to the 1970s to protest against violence towards women. Over the years, the movement has spread to 30 countries and fights for the safety of not just women but all victims of sexual violence.

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