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Donors were greeted by characters from “Star Wars,” film noir and other celluloid classics. They were treated to appetizers from Asia, the Caribbean and the deep sea.

Weber State University poured out its gratitude in a movie-themed party April 12 to conclude its Dream 125 fundraising campaign. The goal was to raise $125 million to support various university needs, from buildings to scholarships.

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By party time, $146 million had been tallied, and more was coming, according to university spokeswoman Allison Hess, who said she wouldn’t be surprised to see the final total reach $150 million.

The campaign began in January 2014, though Hess said the university had quietly been amassing donations of $100 million. It officially ends in June, but the celebration was held in April so that faculty and students could join in.

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The Shepherd Union ballrooms were decked out with photo booths and food stations for a reception Tuesday night. Attendees then walked to the Browning Center for the Performing Arts to watch the premiere of a movie about Weber State’s history, “Great Oaks from Small Acorns Grow,” produced by Issac Goeckeritz, a 2012 graduate.

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The ballrooms were the site of a second celebration April 13, as the annual WSUSA Clubs and Organizations Carnival enjoyed the photo booths and were treated to the fancy hors d’oervres.

As the carnival wound down, President Chuck Wight announced the final total to date: $146,117,541.97.

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