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Summer can be a great time to check out all the new video games and technology that will be released. (Gabe Cerritos / The Signpost)

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes several new releases of games and technology. Here are a few items to look forward to as the semester comes to an end.

On the gaming side of things, there are quite a few games being released. For starters, “LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes out for all systems on June 28.

This game is the LEGO version of the movie and is sure to bring a the tongue-in-cheek moments that LEGO games have become known for. It will run from $30 to $70, depending on the system.

Do you love fighting monsters in outer space? Well, “Doom” — the revamped version of the classic first game of the same title — is coming out for all systems on May 13.

If the quality of play from the game conventions is any indication, then it should be pretty exciting. The game will also have a collector’s edition running for $120.

The controversial and aesthetically pleasing “Overwatch” will be released May 24. This game will run around $40 for the PC and $60 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4).

If you’re more of a handheld gamer or have a Nintendo 3DS, then “Kirby: Planet Robobot” comes out on June 10.

The game looks to be fun for the whole family as Kirby gains an ability to control robots to save the day. The new Kirby game will run at $40.

If you can’t quite wait for summer, and you want to procrastinate studying for finals, there are several games out now that might hit the spot.

“Dark Souls III” is the latest installment in the notorious franchise known for being frustratingly difficult. This game runs about $60 for the PS4 and Steam.

“Ratchet & Clank,” is also out and is priced at $40. The highly anticipated “Star Fox Zero” for the Wii U is available and priced at $60.

For those looking to purchase some new technology, you’re in luck as several companies have announced new electronics that will be coming out later this year.

Intel, the makers of processors used in computers, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that they have made a hoverboard that turns into a robot.

Dubbed the Hoverbutler, it’s not only a personal transport but an android as well. It will have the ability to show facial expressions and video. It will also come with arms to do simple tasks. There is no word yet on the price, but it will be out mid to late 2016.

Speaking of robots, one is set to be released in May that can convert any room into a movie theatre. This robot, called the Tipron, is equipped to project movies, YouTube or other video clips on any flat surface up to 80 inches. However, this robot comes with a steep price tag ranging from $1000 – $2000.

For those who are into the music scene, Sony has released the PS-HX500 Turntable. This nifty device will play vinyl records and convert them into digital copies. It allows those with records to save their songs and listen to them on the go. The cost is just shy of $600 and is available to buy now.

These are just a few of the new technologies to look forward to this summer. So if you find yourself sick of the heat, there’s no shame in spending some time indoors with a new game, gadget — or robot.

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